It's too tight!

I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I have redone my cast on row numerous times now and it goes very smoothly, but when I go to knit my first row, it is so tight I am physically struggling to knit the stitches onto the other needle. I am using the long tail cast on and the continental knit… at least i think that is what it is called. I just dont know what is wrong. I am using a medium worsted yarn and a size 9 straight needles. Thank you

You may be casting on just too tightly… you could try using at least 2 sizes larger needle to cast on with and then doing your first row with the smaller on called for in the pattern… you just might need to adjust your needles for the whole project…did you do a little gauge??? I have also heard of people using 2 needles held together to cast on… and then of course, there is the rule where you have a “glass of wine” before beginning… (great trick for “tight knitters”…)… this is not a joke… I worked in a yarn shop for years and people did all of these things… good luck… Barbara

Having too tight a cast-on is a very common problem, especially for new knitters. There are a couple of things you can try to make your cast-on looser.

If you have a set of needles one or two sizes larger than the ones you will be using, try casting on to the larger needle and then beginning to knit with the size you will actually use for your project.

Or, you could place your two needles (the ones for your project) in parallel, so that the points are both going in the same direction. Cast on around both needles. When you are ready to knit, pull one needle out. Voila! Loose cast-on.