It's Too Hot

I have to whine for a minute. I can’t take this heat wave anymore. I just looked at the temp and it is 108. I have to take my DS to tennis lessons tonight and all I can think is that it will be too hot to knit and too expensive to run the car for AC. I’m also wondering how many kids are going to pass out from heat exhaustion because it won’t be any cooler at 7:00.

:hot: I am sorry, I hate it when it is that hot. Are the lessons outside? If so, I would be inclined to skip it for the night and sit outside in the sprinkler in the shade.

Well, honestly, I aggree with Figaro.

I used to take cold showers for eco reasons… but this summer is our first summer without AC (in almost my entire life… I know, I am spoiled.) and man, those cold showers feel GOOD at night. :slight_smile:

I live in Houston so I feel you.

How we survive in Tx-
Central A/C
Don’t go outside
ceiling fan in every room
iced tea
don’t turn on the oven, if you must bake, use a slow cooker
sit still for as long as possible; knitting is good for this

It was 106 here today. It’s 110 in Wichita Falls where my dh’s family live. Oh how I wish it would rain…

I feel for you. I hate that kind of heat! I think 108 is too hot for outdoor sports of any kind, don’t you?

:zombie: I detest the weather in the northern part of Texas - we live in the Dallas area - and even though the ‘natives’ think a certain degree of humidity is not uncomfortable it about kills me. It is now about 101-degrees, almost 8:00 this evening and it just goes on into the wee hours of the a.m. I pray for an EARLY fall. Winter? YES!! I don’t want to do one thing but just sit even though we have two a/c’s running full bore at 74-degrees something sort of seeps its way into the house. Ugh. :zombie:

I’m right here in Richardson in the midst of the heat too (sweat, sweat).

Ugh, that’s nasty! Stay in a/c when you find it and I find that putting my feet in cold water really helps, too.

I’m in Texas, too, and I completely feel your pain. I planted some herbs in pots this spring, and now they’re dying. But I just don’t have the energy to go out in the heat and tend to them.

We haven’t been getting enough rain. I have been needing to water my basil everyday or else it gets droopy.

What I remember most about the weather in Texas was going from the air conditioned house to the air conditioned car to the air conditioned store. That, and getting out of the shower and having to dry off after drying off.

Like Oregon a lot more~

Hope you can all stay cool!

At least it’s not so humid up here where I am (outside of Denton).
Even though I grew up there, I can only take Houston’s humidity now in small doses.

DS survived tennis lessons, but he was a zombie the rest of the evening and didn’t complain once about going to bed. It was also the first time he completely drained his huge water bottle. It starts all over today though except no tennis. Not supposed to be any let up in the 100 degree weather for quite a while. We do actually have a chance for rain here today though, woohoo :woohoo: Its a little too late for our yard though. It looks like we are in the depths of winter. Not many places besides the desert where your lawn looks greener in winter than it does in summer.

OMG, I do detest that. I have a fan in my bathroom, aimed right at me, but as soon as I am dry, put on my robe, etc., I am wet again. Aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggh. As an old friend in Vegas used to say, “by August you are a little bit mean.” Man, was he right. I am mean now, and Christmas is as long way off. Stay cool, knitters, drink tea, lemonade, water and well whatever quenches your thrist…:wink:

I hate that. Love plants and detest seeing them wither on the vine. :grrr:

Yup, you’re right. Greener in winter than in summer. :roflhard:

It’s so true. I feed water my outdoor cats (the ones that are too scared to come indoors) everyday, and I’ve noticed that it takes a while for the water from the hose to run cool. I use this time to water my pots. But weeding? In this heat, forget it. :teehee:

I’m in Weatherford, TX tonight, heading for Abilene in the morning, and yep it is a tad warm here. Even this old Florida boy was chugging down the Gatorade today while outside working.

yeah, but today ,thanks to some clouds, it was only 100 today. Down right chilly… It was 106 yesterday.