Its time to get this "gauge" thing going

I want to start a new project thats going to be a blanket for my couch. I have no pattern but I have the yarn I want to use - its more for a scarf but I think it would be great and soft. I’ve realized that I need to find out what my gauge is using it so that I can figure out how to measure out a ‘pattern’. How do I go about doing this? The whole blanket will be just knit back for forth since its a fuzzy yarn and you can’t see a patten.

Thanks! You guys have been a big help in the past and I know you will be again!

I am assuming you want to check gauge because you want to get an idea of how many stitches to cast on for an approximate width for your blanket. Otherwise, gauge isn’t so important for a blanket since you aren’t trying to make it “fit” perfectly.

To get an estimate, though, cast on about 25 stitches or so (I am assuming you are using a worsted weight yarn. If your yarn is heavier, you can cast on fewer stitches, if thinner, you should cast on more.) Knit for about 20 rows or until you have a long enough piece that you can get a good measure of the width. (Usually a gauge swatch is around 4 inches by 4 inches, but in this case, you don’t need as much because you are really just trying to get an estimate.)

Bind off the swatch, lay it flat, being careful not to stretch the stitches (you can pin it down if you want), and lay a ruler across the center of it to figure out how many stitches there are in one inch. Then multiply that number of stitches by the number of inches wide you want your blanket to be and that’s the number you cast on.

That is EXACTLY the advice I was looking for. Thanks so much - I haven’t ventured into making clothing yet but it will come in handy for that as well.