It's the little things!

It’s the little things…

I was at Walmart getting supplies for up and coming camping ds…low and behold in the clearance rack…some Lion Brand Homespun for 2.00 I snatched it up!!! Fun colors that my gf likes!!! So, I’ll be able to make her a little ditty!!!

like I said…it’s the little things… :balloons:

Woohoo! Yarn on sale is like crack to an addict… there’s NO WAY to resist! LOL

Last year, a local Joann’s was closing… everything was 50% off to start, and kept getting cheaper as the days went on, all the way to 90% off! By the time they closed, I think I bought half the yarn inventory. lol

I agree. The more I use, the more I need. :XY: