It's that Borocco treasure hunt again!

GO here

then scross down for the “clues”

Yeah, this time it’s easy…remember the last one :shock:
I was happy to actually complete this one, last time…hopeless for me :rollseyes:

I finished. :cheering:

Yay, me too…after clicking on like half the website… :rollseyes:

I must say, I amazed myself because I went directly to the treasure this time without any problems…now, the other one…PALEEEESE, I didn’t come close :shock:

:mad: I can’t get past the second clue :verysad:

I had to click on everything on that page, Hildie. :rollseyes: The rest of them are easier, though.

I somehow SKIPPED the second clue and found the fourth clue by accident! :rofling:

i hate challenges :verysad:

um, have you read your siggy file? :rofling:


KK likes my butt?

Der: "KH Monthly Challenge–July…A felted Project! "

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:


I wish I had known about this before I woke up AFTER midnight. :doh: Sorry I work nights and sleep days, berroco. I entered, anyways.