It's soooo close!

It’s going to be a busy place! :teehee:

I check almost everyday too. I have 575 people ahead of me and I’m gettting antsy!! Hurry Ravelry, hurry!!!

I haven’t checked in a few days… I moved up quite a bit!:cheering:

1872 people are ahead of you in line.

You signed up on June 13, 2007
You are #8760 on the list.
611 people are ahead of you in line.
14954 people are behind you in line.
34% of the list has been invited so far

I’m getting closer

:waving: Yeah, I’m one of the latecomers, too…14,130 ahead of me as of today. :shock: Oh well, I don’t really have time to get sucked into it all right now anyway. By the time I get invited, I’m sure the kids will be back in school…

I just signed up!!!I am so excited I don’t know how I didn’t notice this sooner.:woohoo:Of course I still have a long wait but thats ok.

I think the thrill is pretty much gone for me:

[li][COLOR=Red][B]12024 [/B][/COLOR]people are ahead of you in line.[/li][li]3564 people are behind you in line.[/li][li]34% of the list has been invited so far[/ul][CENTER]Maybe I’ll be invited next year???:shrug:[/li]


If you’re pretty far down on the list, don’t sweat it too much-- the latest blog post seems to indicate that they’ll be speeding up invitations in the next couple of weeks, and shortly after that will open up the site to anyone who wants to join.

I can’t wait for it to go public, though. I love it now (I finally got my invite on Monday, after having checked on Sunday to find out that they’d invited everyone in line in front of me-- but then stopped! So I was number 1 in line, and had to wait a whole 'nother day!), but I think it’ll be even better when the community is huge.