It's SO UNFAIR: Guys Presents vs. Gals Presents!

Every Christmas and birthday it’s the same thing…DH has it SOOOOOOOO easy, I was just telling him the other night. He could [B][U][I][COLOR=Red]LITERALLY[/COLOR][/I][/U][/B]wait to start shopping for my gifts until 12/24, drop in at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or some such store around 8 PM and walk out with a TON of stuff I’d LOVE to receive. Not that he would do that, he likes to pick out special gifts and has always put a lot of thought into his choices.

BUT…when it comes to buying for him, I start tearing my hair out a couple of months ahead of time! Guy presents are either expensive or just plain hard to decide on. I couldn’t begin to know what coins would be good to give him as a gift or anything such thing!

To make matters worse, DH has NO hobbies which require buying stuff! AND he doesn’t like to get clothes…the one thing he DOES wear out!

Does anyone else have this problem? If so, what are you getting your guy this year???

I did buy him a couple of nice dress shirts, and a radio he wanted with short wave, etc. I’ve also already purchased some TV series that he’s into now: The original series’ Twilight Zone and Mission Impossible.
Now what???:tap: I’ve knitted him 2 pairs of socks in Knit Picks Essentials and he says they are too hot on his feet (we live in HOT S. TX), so until I find a better yarn without wool, no socks!

Well, my hubby usually wants clothes (he has a tendency to get holes in stuff - battery acid - or tear it on something), so that’s not a big problem.

For fun stuff, though, I usually get him DVDs and books (he likes to read science fiction stuff). I’m thinking of picking up the last Indiana Jones movie this year. He doesn’t really have hobbies, either. He likes to tinker with stuff, but generally the things he’s torn up stay torn up so I don’t encourage that one a whole lot.:teehee: (For instance, he took a little table apart to refinish and fix and give to me for our 1st anniversary. That was 28 years ago, and the thing is still in pieces in the basement. Oy!!!) He also like electronic stuff - so I’ve gotten him a GPS in the past, an MP3 player, that kind of thing. I don’t know…generally I just get a feeling about something and buy it. Sometimes I do well, sometimes it just sits…oh well, I try. LOL!!!

Sporting event tickets?
Magazine subscription?
Biography of someone he admires?

My husband always says the same thing…socks, just get me socks :rofl:

This year though I’m getting him a new antenna for his xm radio, his has a short in it. He didn’t ask for it but I just noticed the last time I was in his car it was acting up.

If he likes t.v. series, get him a DVD recorder, so that he can record his own. You can get them with HD.

Good tips all! I’m glad one of you mentioned the Indiana Jones movie, DH has the other 3, so he NEEDS this one :wink:

UGHHHH…I have the same problem. I always end up waiting until the last minute and getting my DH a couple movies. When you ask what he wants he says nothing he doesnt watch sports, has no hobbies, hates clothes. ( pretty boring eh? :teehee: ) AND is extremely thrifty. I think I am going to knit him a hat and some socks, if I am able to hide it from him until christmas.

The easiest solution is to break up in November and take him back in January. Duh.

:roflhard: :roflhard: Now that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: Now that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea!!!

Why am I almost 42 and never married?

I like drawing females for gifts.
It’s not exactly within the limits because the value is way over $20-$30 but I can melt down some scrap gold and come up with something without a problem. My out of pocket isn’t over the $20-$30 so I figure it works.

My one nephew is easy. He likes old nickels, and so do I. So if I’d want it he’d want it. I just go into the coin dealer and say I want a _______ nickel for around $20-$30. The dealer old so his prices are old and whatever he pulls out for that price is a good deal.
If your husband likes coins he probably has a category he likes.

A long time ago my brother mentioned cast iron cookware. When I finally drew his name I remembered that. It was a good one, other than now that he has a kitchen he doesn’t cook as much.
But now that that ones over I can’t think of anything.

My niece is wanting apple trees. Her husband mentioned she can get whatever she wants but he’s getting an apricot. He wanted stamps, regular NEW postage stamps. He getting an apricot tree, buy your own stamps.

My brother-in-law is difficult, he can afford anything he wants. But he also wants enough DVD series that a new season of something is always coming out.

Another nephew has a hobby of the month. He’s also another DVD one.

The last nephew is poor so he’s easy to buy for.

I’m a problem. I think of stuff in spring and have forgotten by fall. But I have enough hobbies I should be fairly easy to take a stab at.

You cannot record HD on DVD. That’s why they have Blueray and HD DVD.
They don’t look bad recorded from digital if you don’t record in 6 hours but they’re not HD.

My husband always says the same thing…socks, just get me socks
My Dad always said that! Now, just for kicks, I usually send my brother a pair or two and a certificate for some See’s Candies.

My DH likes mantel clocks, so he’s getting a cool one with a lion on the top that I found. He’s also getting a watch that clips onto a belt loop, or something like that. He’s into Civil War re-enacting, so that makes it easy too. He is NOT getting any books from me this year, he has, and I’m not joking, 42 stacked that he hasn’t had a chance to read yet. All of them histories.

My son asked for some money to be donated, in his name, to an Israeli soldier’s relief organization, and tickets for the new ‘Star Trek’ movie, if and when it comes out.

I solved that problem years ago…

Both my hubby and I are not gift givers…going out and finding that perfect gift is not our thing…

So we don’t exchange gifts. If he wants me to knit him something I will…and if I am drooling over that ball of yarn he gets it for me…it is kinda an all year thing…

It sort of does lose the element of surprize, but it does take a whole lot of pressure off occasions. For birthdays and special days we would prefer to go out for a nice meal rather than exchange gifts…

I have one kid who does not want me to spend any money on her
again and again she gets angry when I get her something she needs if it is new, but if I find it used she will consider things
UGH difficult teenager in reverse

my other one wants
just wants, nearly anything

The Dark Knight comes out on the 9th. If my husband doesn’t go out and buy it (which he probably will), then it will be a gift for him.

He likes it when I make him a new hat every winter and this year I haven’t had a chance, so I might get a secret one going. Might be hard for me to finish with a curious little one hanging around me the whole time though.

My daughter and I were just lamenting this issue last night! Most of stuff guys want is expensive… electronics, season tickets, etc… My DH has multiple hobbies…he sails, paints, is taking classes in ceramics, he reads, plays sudoku, does woodworking, …you’d think it would be easy, but nooooooo. He tends to just buy what he wants and even though I think I am easy he always has trouble with me… so for the last many years we have just not exchanged gifts. The other day I was looking in an Llbean catalog and said I’d like to get these slippers and he grabbed it and said he’d get them for me for Christmas. Nice… except now I have to get something for him. I don’t mind spending the money, but geez… he doesn’t need tools or painting supplies, I don’t know what books he’s read, not a clue about sailing stuff… Oh well, I’ll figure out something… :think:

ETA: I’m always envious of people who know just the perfect gift to get their spouse… WHO are these people?? :teehee:

I generally get my hubby to give me a list of ideas and go from there! This year I’ve got him one jokey gift :teehee: one from his list, one inspired by the list and one total surprise :present:

There’s always stuff from Victoria’s Secret.

Trust me, it’s not the same as him buying you a bowling ball with his initials on it.

Are you saying I should buy him some lingerie…that fits me? :teehee: