It's so annoying!

As most of you know, I’m an American living in New Zealand. And I’m sure I’ve complained in the past about the lack of good quality knitting supplies in this country.

You don’t know what I’d give for a GOOD set of interchangable circs… sigh When you say to the knitting shop owners “Do you stock addis (or insert other well known good quality needle here?)” They look at you like you’re stupid or something. They don’t even know what I’m talking about half the time. Grrrr!!

I only have one decent pair of circular needles (which I’m currently using for a baby blanket) and even those aren’t that great. Sometimes the yarn snags on the bit where the needle meets the cord.

sorry, I’m just having a whinge. Usually I put up with it because there’s nothing I can do about it, but I’m finding it really annoying today – only because I’m looking at the American sites wishing it didn’t cost so darn much in shipping and drooling over the good stuff! :wall:

Perhaps someone stateside might be willing to ship you some Addis in exchange for some beautiful New Zealand yarns?

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I googled something for you before that I posted on another thread about KPOs that were going to be available in australia. did you see that? I am going to be the ignorant american here for a moment and point out that I have no idea how easy something is to get shipped to you from Australia but maybe that would work? I am at work now and can’t look again but if you haven’t found them when i get home i will see if i can remember where i found them, or where i posted it. it was a week or two ago though i think.

eta: nevah mind… I found it. they aren’t ready yet i don’t think but soon?

Oops! No, I didn’t see that. :oops: I might go have a look back over the old posts and see if I can find it. It’s pouring down rain here today, so we’re all indoors doing nothing. It’s the perfect day to sit back and work on that baby blanket… and instead I’m drooling over the tools I can’t have. LOL

I was going to ask my mother to ship me a good set, but she is clueless about knitting (she’s a cross stitch person) and she wouldn’t know where to begin. LOL

Edited: Ohh cool!!! I’ve bookmarked that page! It would be much easier to ship from Aussie. I have friends over there who would even order it all for me. Woohoo!!!

I KNOW!!! At all the wool shops I’ve been to (including the ones whose advertising says ‘all our staff are experienced knitters’), I ask after circs that are good for either ML or 2 circs - I have to explain it’s to knit socks etc. on larger circulars - they say ‘oh no dear, on a circular needle you can only knit big things in the round, like jumpers’.

My circs are from Spotlight, I am not too bothered by their having snags (but maybe if I had used the KPO I’d notice a big difference!). Maybe you would be happier with them? I use the Knitter’s Choice metal ones (very pointy tips).

I plan at some stage to organise a load of American knitting stuff to be sent to me by someone who takes pity on the terrible supply here, either in exchange for some NZ wool, or just recompense straight into their bank account overseas. There’s not a lot of the kind of wools I want - solid bright-coloured sock wool!

Of all the shops I’ve been to, I was pleasantly surprised by the KnitWorld shop when I was in Wellington recently, the Tawa branch was okay, but the Cuba St one was great! Striping sock wool, some FREAKIN EXQUISITE merino, Jo Sharp and Rowan wools, great range. I have ordered some stuff to be sent to the Auckland branch, like Rowan 4-ply soft for socks, they also had beautiful merino variegated suitable for socks (I hope). I have never seen any hand-painted sock wool before that: some self-striping (like in 5 different colours total in all my shopping), some beige, grey, or black Patons plain sock wool, so I was ecstatic to see the beautiful subtly variated stuff! Must check out the colour card for the others colourways at the Auckland shop.

But again, they were no help with good circulars (I’ve seen 60 and 80 cm lengths but no longer).
If you want nice wools, I recommend trying there - they even had some part-alpaca wool! I’ve gotten sock wool and seen 100% alpaca wool from trademe, from time to time some Rowan or Debbie Bliss pops up.
There’s a woman in Herne Bay in Auckland who sells Noro, DB, Rowan etc. wools, she will accept payment by direct bank deposit and ship to you.

It might be worth painting some clear nail polish onto the circs you find snaggy and seeing whether that improves them?


I would be willing to help a Kiwi out.

In exchange for yarns. And Cadbury Fruit & Nut. No Jaffas though. :ick:

I have a Silver Backs (I think that’s the right name?) shot glass somewhere… :teehee:

The Tawa knit world is my LYS! Hehe! I live in Porirua, which is just 10 minutes from Tawa (less if you travel by motorway). I was a bit disappointed when I went in there and asked about good quality needles, only to get the response of “Oh we don’t get those and don’t order them”. :pout:

I’ve bought all my circulars from Spotlight, but I’ve found that even there sometimes you have to wait weeks before they get in more stock – or they’re out of a certain cable length or a certain needle size. It’s a mission, I tell ya!

Thanks Cawthraven, I will remember you when I am ready to order a lifetime supply of American knitting stuff. Ironic hey that we are so deprived in Sheepland! If you mean the rugby team, it’s the All Blacks, or the netball team are the Silver Ferns, cricket team All Whites, soccer I think Black Ferns…?

Yes Rose, I often am frustrated with lack of knitting needles at Spotlight. I just looked at the Aussie KPO link and was disappointed to see no small-diameter needles for socks!

How do you like the Sean Sheep wools? I have seen one or two nice wools worth buying at the Warehouse but the others are just cheap and nasty. Shame also that only one of the Wellington Knitworld branches has the good stuff, if you are ever there I recommend squeezing the Cleckheaton Merino Supreme, much nicer than Cleck’s other stuff. I hope the recent doing-away of most of Spotlight’s range is a temporary summer thing only! They can’t get rid of all their feathers/eyelash stuff though, ha ha.
And there is almost no laceweight or cobwebweight wool. :verysad:


The first scarf I knitted was from Sean Sheep yarn. They actually have a website and used to have a forum (don’t know if they still do or not). When The Warehouse first came out with Sean Sheep I was overjoyed because I was sick of the same old stuff at Spotlight… then spotlight came out with a similar brand. And now I look at it all and go “yuck!”. It’s cheap, which is good… however, perhaps I’ve become a bit of a yarn snob lately and that is why I no longer like it. :teehee:

I tend to shop at Knit World in Tawa and the Lower Hutt one more than spotlight. Having said that, I’ve haven’t bought yarn once this year (I’m on a mission to use up all my stash first). But if one of those stores came out with a stock of good quality needles, I may be tempted to run up and KISS them for it!! LOL It’s too bad that Trade Me doesn’t allow for foreign sellers because they would make a KILLING selling stuff to NZ that we can’t get here.

is it really ridiculously expensive to ship to NZ? I am clueless- but I love to do random nice things. I really feel for those who can’t obtain good supplies. I’d be willing to put a little package together. a little lovely local yarn would make a great present for Mom. PM if truly interested and I’ll see if I can help! MKZ

You could create an account at KP, but with your mom’s address. Fill out your order and have it sent to her. Then she can send it to you? :thinking:

I know what you’re talking about. Other country, but same problem. A LYS is not so local here, there are only a few left. I have to travel 30 min by train to be able to visit my LYS, by car it will even take longer because of the traffic jams. But I just keep knitting with everything I can find. And since knitting is becoming more populair, I’m still hoping there will be more yarn shops soon.

Thanks Mary, another kind offer, I’m so lucky to be on this forum and talk to you guys! I am serious about the order but not planning to do it right now. I’m thinking probably in a few months I’ll know what I want: every time I go to all the effort and expense, I want the order to have everything I want for quite a while! And I promise I do intend whomever sends to me to get the same value in stuff I send (if they want that much, otherwise just money). It will include Kool-Aid!!

Well, you know it could be worse - for example I have seen Noro, DB and Rowan in NZ, but human nature is that we complain about what we don’t have. Superwash dyeable white/cream sock wool… Kool-Aid… good circs… alpaca… good silk… lots of hand-painted/variegated sock wool… oh yeah and little choice with cashmere etc.
In fact, can you believe that when I went looking for a fingering/sock-weight wool for Eunny’s Endpaper Mitts (4-ply) all I wanted was some synthetic content, and that it came in black. Nothing! Nothing fits, because all those wools are baby wools and are not wanted in black. :verysad: