It's Official~ My SIL is pregnant~what to knit/crochet?

well… I just found out the news today from DB and mom. My SIL is pregnant ( officially 5 weeks) baby is due in March.
OK folks
What do you guys suggest for knitting and crochet~!
I am going to make a crocheted BB b/c its fast~ [B]but what ELSE[/B]?

[B]and new mommies What did you find most helpful for you and/or the baby?~[/B]

Uhh… there is a post right under this one that has a lot of info. :teehee:

UUhhh … yeah I see that too~:teehee::teehee::teehee::teehee:

[B]but I had to let everybody KNOW~ of course~!:grphug::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons:[/B]

Yay!!! you get to make baby stuff!! I postedthis somewhere else, but google Kimberly Chapman’s baby toy patterns- way cool.

most useful? stroller size blankies, 100 bibs, 100 washcloths; (we went through at least 5 a day of bibs and washcloths… endless laundry!) and a couple sweaters that she was allowed to drool on or spit up on. (she had lots of sweaters she would only wear for pictures b/c they were too pretty and not washable.)

And we were very grateful for the diaper genie. (container for stinky diapers. not knitted, but a great shower present.)

Yay, congratulations to her! (When I saw the post, my first thought was “son in law? how’d he manage to get pregnant?”)

Yep~ I am excited b/c it was a total surprise~
thanks for the replies~:cheering::cheering: