It's Official! I'm a yarn SNOB!

After knitting with and HATING the cheap, gross, plastic yarns sold at the local Hobby Lobby and Walmart, I have begun spending real, actual money on yarn. Now, you must understand, I never spend money on ANYTHING…EVER! I love natural fibers and gorgeous colors, but until recently, I resisted the urge, thinking it frivolous. However…

For my darling granddaughter, I made an exception, and bought “real” yarn and BOY what a difference!! It was wonderful to work with, just a total joy, and I could not believe how soft and warm and cuddly it was, for her to wear and for me to knit!

So now, it’s official. I am officially a yarn SNOB! There is no going back now! Whatever yarn costs, I have decided it is WORTH IT!! Even if I buy only one ball at that price. WHO CARES! I have something glorious and lovely to work with. I’m spending the money!


Check out this GORGEOUS yarn I found (EXPENSIVE!!) But I am going to buy the last skein of a couple of those glorious colors!


lol holy cow you certainly did dive head first into yarn snob didn’t you. The good news is that there is a good amount of yardage on there and of course it is gorgeous!

Welcome to our yummy little corner of the world. Never knew it would feel so delicious to be called a snob did you? :muah:

I have now knitted with both acrylic and wool/acrylic blends AND I have tried DB silk/alpaca blend and alpaca and I must say I like them both.
I enjoy the acrylic because they are cheap (so you can buy more yarn~ :cheering: ) and easy care and “fun yarns” to play with…

I also like the "nicer " yarns like DB. I haven’t tried MMMMmmmm yet but I hear it’s DIVINE… I like the feel of the nicer yarn as they run through my fingers and hands as I work the yarn… but I don’t like the extra care many require. I also do NOT like getting my yarn in hanks and then having to wind them :tap: If I am going to spend that much money it ought to be wound for me~!! :tap: :gah:
But I also say IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU :heart: :heart: GO FOR IT~!! IT IS $$$$ WELL SPENT IF IT BRINGS YOU LOTS OF JOY~~ AND OF COURSE FONDLING YARN ALWAYS DOES~!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
Have a Ball~
:clink: Ainee

Welcome to the dark side! <Insert evil cackle here>

So far the closest thing to “good” yarn I have purchased is a few skeins of Sinfonia sport weight, which feels nicer than the Red Heart stuff of which I have several skeins.

I won’t spend any money on the good stuff until my skills improve. The cheapo yarns are great for practicing and learning without blowing a ton on money.

I have felt the nicer stuff and look forward to working with them and becoming a yarn snob at some point in the future.


Yes, I too have become a fiber snob thanks to KP and MMMMMMMMMMMalabrigo. Once you get a taste of the real thing it’s very hard to go back. It’s sad but what are you going to do? Thus is the nature of the addiction.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I guess I’m not, because I like to knit with anything if it’s soft. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I have to go to the nearest yarn shop, and treat myself, every so often, but I also have no problem with woolease, caron, or bernat…the only rule is that it MUST be soft. :teehee:

Ainee, a lot of LYS’s will wind the hank into a ball for you when you buy the yarn, and there’s always getting a swift and a ball winder for yourself. I love my swift and my new ball winder!

Moni, welcome to yarn snobbery! I have some Adirondack Soxie that I love, and I’m reluctant to knit it up because I just like petting it so much!

Thanks, you guys! I knew you would be in there laughing and nodding with me on this one! :oops:


I’m with Ing-a-Ling, thanks to Lonnie and his continued indulgences (you can see a few here) and encouragement when it comes to knitting (and everything) I happily proclaim myself to be Spoiled Knitter, happily chained to her precious yarn and knitty goodies :wink:


I love the yarn you found brendajos, it’s beautiful. Come sit by me, I found the good stuff a while back and have never looked back. My hands and eyes love me for it.

$46.00 a BALL??? :shock: That’s my grocery budget for a week!!!

That’s fine if you can afford it, but I’m hoping that those of us who still use the “cheap” stuff will be welcomed on the board…seems like there are more and more people becoming “yarn snobs”, and I’m kinda starting to feel out of place. :verysad:

Congrats on your find, and I’m thrilled for you that you’ve found something you enjoy working with so much!

Aw I hope you don’t feel out of place… :pout:
I think everybody’s welcome here, that’s why I love it so much! :cheering: We all use “cheap” stuff at some point…starting out, or for specific projects, or because we prefer it or can afford it. I love sumptious yarns but I can’t afford them. I knit mostly in acrylic or cheap natural fibers–like Patons, etc. Every now and again I splurge on something I think is nice.

That’s the key–there is no wrong in knitting. It’s what YOU think is nice and to each their own. Just as we shouldn’t feel bad for knitting acrylic (and I don’t, neither should you. I think everyone here loves all knitters) Those who prefer and can afford gorgeous yarns shouldn’t feel bad for posting lovely pics or talking about them. Besides with pics, we can all knit vicariously! :happydance: :rofl:

:happydance: Welcome!

I’ve been knitting for just over a year now. I learned to knit at my LYS and well she had me addicted straight off. She hand dyes her own DK wool and well I love it!!

Once I made a baby blanket from what I think was red heart and I so didn’t like it! Someone gave me an unfinished project and I frogged some of it to make the little blanket.

I am Erika and I am a yarn snob :teehee:

Ditto! Soft= yummy in my book.

I have become an aweful yarn snob myself, even if I can’t make myself spend more than $12 a ball/hank/skein. When family members specifically ask for acrylic, I cringe. Even “baby” acrylic rubs my fingers raw.


:clink: :clink: :clink:

EmmaLee … I couldn’t agree with you more~!!

WE ALL :heart: :heart: :heart: YARN ~~ ~~! IT’S WHAT MAKES US SO SPECIAL~!!

I have seen incerdably expensive yarns with fancy fibers, silk, linnen etc that i could not deal with
and half the cost I can get Marabrigio, or Misti Alpaca.

I love SWS, and even lambs pride when felted
but I too am a SNOB to the Nth degree


Wowee! That’s some purty-ful yarn! Waaaayy outta my price range, but it sure is nice to look at! :teehee: