Its officail

I HATE double pointed needles!!! HATE THEM! I drop my stitches all the time! Ugh its driving me crazy!

How long have you been using them? They do take some time to get used to.

That said, I’m not real fond of them either. Always had ladders at the joins. I’m very happy with 2 circ methods for most any knitting typically requiring dbl pts.

It also depends on what kind you use. I have some aluminum Boyes that are fantastic, size 8 and 9 that I use for hats and such… then I have smaller needles that are quicksilver and slippery as all get out because they are used mainly for mittens and socks and need to be… I have to be very certain to move my stitches to the middle of the needle.

They do require attention, more so than circs and straights.

I have found that the bamboo dp don’t slip out as much as others. That’s the only reason I have not learned to use 2 circular yet. My LYSO also asked me why I would want to use the 2 circular method, but that is on my list of knitting resolutions this year.

I hate DPNs on increase rows. The needles soon have no room for stitches. But on decrease rows they’re actually easier than the circulars. At least the stitches are easier to get on and off the needles so I can try a piece on.

The stitches are surprisingly secure.

I’m using the Addi 8" Plastic Double Points in size 15 and 17. (link to pic here)

You get less laddering with 2 circs and they’re easier than dpns for most people.

Agreed! I love that you can put your work down and not worry about needles pointing in every direction or the work falling off!

i don’t have any of the problems listed thus far with dpns…

i use the bates ones (boye for crochet, bates for knitting) and don’t have issues with losing stitches or ladders…

i smush all the stitches to the center of the needles so i dont’ worry about them falling off and to avoid ladders i mark where i joined with a stitch marker and then every 3-5 rounds i knit the stitches on one needle, then knit half of the stitches on the next needle onto my working and continue around until all the neeldes have the same number of stitches again… no ladders :slight_smile:

Have you tried using point protectors to keep everything together? In a pinch, I once resorted to using a rubber band to hold the stitches together in the center of a needle. It was annoying, but it kept the stitches from falling off.

I dunno if I’m in the minority or not but I love using DPNs…I use the Brittany needles and the only problem I’ve had was one broke one time, but, Brittany quickly replaced it…I like the fact DPNs present more of a challenge and definitely keep me from getting bored of what I’m doing!

I gave up on DPN’s also. They’re too fiddly.
I found THE PERFECT way to knit ‘in the round’ on small diameter work: the “two circulars” method!