It's not what I've knitted but

I thought you all would like seeing what my daughter has been knitting… she has gotten as many as 3 rows done at a time! She’s 6… and she loves it.

:teehee: She’s really cute! Love the tongue!

Great job!

What a cutie!!! Did you warn her that her tongue might get stuck like that :rofl: In all seriousness though, great work! What straight stitches!

She’s doing a great job!! :slight_smile: Too cute too!

What a sweetie! If she knits it long enough, she can make herself a little purse.

I’ve got to tell you, that blond, blond hair color has always blown me away. I just love it, and being of Middle Eastern descent, no way anyone in my family has it. She’s very pretty.

That is wonderful!!

Adorable . The next generation of knitters is well on the way :slight_smile:

That’s good. :thumbsup: She’s doing a good job.

what a great job she is doing!! She is too cute!

Ahh, she is doing such a great job! She is really getting the hang of it and that is awesome. I hav ehad no luck getting any of my kids interested so I am jealous. She’s a cutie pie too.

Wonderful work! :thumbsup:

She did a great job!

Wow- what a great job! (and pose- gotta love that age!)

*hatches maniacal plan to teach Girl Scout troop to knit, since it can be done and there is proof!"

awe, so cute!

What a cutie! And she’s doing a great job! I wish my daughter had a bit more patience, she says she wants to learn but gets tired of it so quickly…lol

Wow. . .I didn’t think it could be done. You have inspired me to try and get my son interested and get him some supplies to start out with.

I don’t use bamboo or wood, but I noticed your little girl is. Do you think that is the better choice for a little one?

I personally think bamboo is a better choice for anyone just starting to learn.

Your DD is a natural! Mine is 25 and still can’t get through a row.
Very nice work. :wink:

She didn’t at first… I would tell her to knit what she wanted and I would finish the row for her. And this is her 3rd try at it… I’ve had to frog 2 for her… she’s a true knitter, she hates having to frog! :teehee:

I started off her off with metal straight cuz I don’t use them and I had them and knew that it would matter how long it took her. But she kept dropping stitches. And sometimes she wouldn’t push it down the needle or put the point thingys on so she lost some that way too.

I think it’s a good idea to have both metal and wood for them and with a young group I would start off with more wood ones. But I can’t stand wood circulars (I tolerate wood dpn), never have liked them or plastic. So I would be worried that they would hold too much for some and that might discourage them.

But I would use circulars. It’s a lot harder to loose stitches on circulars than straights.

Thank you all!

I thought of her today when I saw a pic of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out like she is.