It's not over

Remember the thread about stopping the clog knitting? You all hid your grins well. I’ve got to hide mine when the family gathers I guess. Now son 2 and son 3 are in line for a pair. I may have this pattern memorized by the time it is truly over.

I don’t think it’s ever over…I made umpteen pairs at Christmastime, and still have another 3 pairs that I supposedly was going to knit for other people!! :wink:

I’ve not done any clogs yet :shock: I do so love the look though :wink:

I’m half-way done with the second clog of my first pair ever.

And i just ordered yarn for three more pair today. :oops:

That doesn’t even include yarn for ME or anyone in my immediate family.

Clogs are like knitting crack. :shock:


:roflhard: :rofling: LOL…I’m like that with socks…I don’t need to start clogs if they are even close to as addictive as :shock:

I knit one pair for myself and they never felted small enuf. I made the largest size thinking I would need it since I gots bigs feet. Well they felted lovely but didn’t shrink enough to fit me. :rollseyes: So I just kind of left them in a corner. But when my mum came to visit for spring break, she saw them and went beserk and now she wants some and my roommmate wants some and my son wants some AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Attack of the clog AAAAAAAAAAAA

I’ll probably make clogs after I graduate. I have four projects on the needles right now, I’m not allowed to start anything else. :rofling: