It's not knit, but

Ok, I just have to share my latest original creation with someone!

Here is a close-up of the bottom front. The double crochet crosses over…

I used Sensations Catalina ribbon yarn and an N-hook. Click pic for larger image. Thanks for checkin it out!

REALLY pretty!!.. awsome!.. i like how the hair “scrunchie” matches it too… really pretty! :cheering:

That tank is sooo cool, and it looks really easy to make! :heart: Did you design that pattern (could I get it? :shifty: )? I would love to find a pattern like that for adults - do you think it would be easy to adapt the pattern you used? Also, where did you find that pattern?

It’s beautiful! Looks great! =)

This is one of my original designs (my first of this type however). I have the childs’ sized pattern for sale on my blog, however I’m sure that I could adapt it for you for an adult size. I would need some measurements from you in order to do that however. It’s very simple to make, the special stitching may look difficult, but it’s just a combo of dc and ch. I’m selling the pattern for 5.00 USD and I take PayPal.

You can email me at aliassak{at}neb{dot}rr{dot}com if you would still like to pursue this or have anymore questions.

Thank you all for your kind words!!

very cute!!! added to my folder called “patterns to knit” (it’s about 100 pages long).