It's not how I had planned! please help

I am a beginner in knitting (i just started a few days ago) and I started knitting a scarf using Garter stitch and it is going good, I have a about five rows (i am using a size 11, 8.0 mm needle). But I also started knitting a blanket. I am using a size 35 needle, 19 mm using Garter stitch. I have about 130 stitches on each row and I have about four rows. Heres the problem, the yarn has big holes in it, not like the scarf im making. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the needle size. But im frustrated because I already made about four rows and each row has 130 stitches! It doesn’t look together at all, it looks like there are big holes in it. It took a while to get this far, do I have to start over? When I start over should I use smaller needles? Also, I am trying to knit a blanket and I want it to be big so thats why I used big needles. Please help me, it would be appreciated. Thanks!:aww:

If you knit on really large needles, especially in garter stitch, you get a holey, lacey effect. You can use the size 11 needles or double up the yarn and use the size 35s.

I might suggest trying different combinations of yarns and needle sizes on small sample swatches before casting on lots of stitches and spending lots of time knitting. Swatches only need to be about 20 stitches by 20 rows to get the effect. Then you can see which you like the best and make a big blanket using that combination. Make sure to label each swatch by pinning a piece of paper to it with the appropriate information, such as “2 strands of yarn, size 35 needles, garter stitch” or " single strand yarn, size 10 1/2 needles" or something like that. These will be good for reference later when you want to make another blanket or scarf or other project.

Hope this helps!


Depending on the yarn, the needle size used seems a bit large, and the bigger the needles, for the same yarn, the bigger the holes.
This can be a wanted effect for lacy garments. If it is not wanted, you should go down a few needle sizes.

Big needles doesn’t mean that the outcome will be big as well. Big needles should be used for easy, quick knitting with very thick yarn, or with thin yarn for a very lacy effect.

For everything else, you should refer to the needle size indicated on the yarn. You can go up or down on that reference size, but not overly, if you want to avoid holes.

The simple answer to your question is yes, if you want it tighter you use smaller needles. There is no way to make it tighter at this point. Bummer, but we’ve all been there. :wink:

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