It's Not Enough

I am not quite half way through the alpaca vest and can already tell that this pound of sport weight alpaca isn’t going to be enough to finish it. What a bummer.

I’m not going to frog it just yet. I’ll try and find some more of the yarn in the same color. If I can I’ll finish it, otherwise I’ll frog it and make a nice hat and scarf combo out of it.

Oh well, I still enjoyed knitting with it either way.

That is too bad Mason. I hope you can find some matching yarn. But you did get some good practice.:thumbsup:

Well, the odds on finding an exact match for the yarn are probably not very good but it’s worth a try I suppose. I might get lucky.

And you’re right, it was good practice. I have an order of wool at home that arrived (naturally) a couple of days after I left back out on the road. I plan to make a sweater from it so working on the vest was good practice for that.

Besides, maybe a nice alpaca hat and scarf would be nice next Winter.:mrgreen:

Welllll, you could go up a needle size or two, make a smaller size (less stitches) and maybe have enough for the whole vest…

Possibly, but I’m already using a needle size a couple of sizes bigger than is called for with sport weight. I feel that going up too much more would make the thing too airy.

A smaller size would be ok if I lost some weight :rofl:

Sue, the more I thought about this yarn coming up short and your reply here the more I got to thinking that maybe I was just making the thing too big. I secured it on the cable and tried it on. Sure enough I am making it way bigger than I thought (or I’m not quite as fat as I thought).

I’m going to frog it, redo my gauge and math, and try it again. I knew there should have been enough according to my original math. I must have screwed up on the gauge somewhere.


That gauge thing is a bear! I’m glad you can try again!

Hope your mom is doing okay.:hug:

Well I did figure out where I went wrong. I used 6 stitches/inch for the gauge but when I measured my work I found it was actually 5 stitches/inch. Amazing how much difference that makes.

Mom will see the surgeon Tuesday, won’t know much until then. Thanks.

Glad you figured out what’s going on.
Sorry about the frogging.
But you sure did prove once and for all how important gauge is.

It’s late and I’m doing the math in my head so I may be way off,
If you’re 1 stitch per inch off-gauge
and the vest is (let’s just say) 40 inches around,
that’s 40 stitches off.
Divide 5 stitches per inch into 40 and…
your vest would be 8" too big.

But hey – alpaca is such beautiful stuff; think of it as getting more time to knit with it.

Best wishes to your mother.

Good luck with the frogging and the knitting (again) of your vest. I sure do hope you post pictures of it when done.:wink:

Hey, good to hear you have it figured out… and swatches lie. You don’t always use the same tension in them you do when you settle down to knit the piece, and it being larger than the swatch will make a difference too.

Hope things turn out well for your mom.

8 inches is a lot of positive ease, dude. Either you’re already planning ahead for Thanksgiving and Christmas eating, or you secretly have some body image issues.

Or, like me, you just messed up your gauge.

At least it’s a project you’ve enjoyed working on. The last one I messed up that bad was one I HATED and couldn’t wait to finish. When I realized how messed up it was…I couldn’t make myself do it again. Nor could I make myself frog it after all that work. So it sits.

Mason, praying that the doctor has a good report for your Mom.


I have a similar situation, but different because I’m making a vest with sport-weight alpaca that I can’t wear. I got a little more than half of it done - and it took a long time. Then I lost thirty pounds, so it looks like I have to frog mine.

Do you think you could knit a few rows in purl stitch and change to a complementary color for the rest? Just thinking.

Oh, I see you are frogging it.

OOH I feel so bad for you. That has happened to me a couple of times. Now I just make sure I get more than enough yarn or fiber. I got some alpaca at the taos fiber fest and didn’t get enough:waah: but I hat and scalf will be nice.

Yeah when I did the swatch I am sure it was 6 stitches/inch but I think I knit that tighter than I was the actual vest. Ah well, live and learn.


Sounds like you’ll have enough yarn with the new gauge, but if for some reason you want to buy some extra just in case I can check the local yarn stores in my area for you.

There are at least 4 LYS’ in San Francisco proper and within the bay area there are at least 6 more that I can think of off the top of my head that I’ve visited.

If you have the label with the manufacture, name of yarn, color and dye lot number I’m happy to call around to see if any of them have it.

Ah, there’s the rub. No label at all. It was just a 1 lb ball of alpaca with a tag listing the fiber and price.

Hopefully it’ll be enough now that I presumably have the gauge snafu sorted out. If not, I’ll just have to carry it around to yarn shops until I find a match or just give up and make a hat and scarf out of it. :rofl:

Guage is really hard for me, I check & recheck & end up wrong often. (I now have friend/knitter check my guage for me!)

I was thinkin’ if you end up w/o enough yarn, maybe you could find some other colour of alpaca for the back, could look really good.

Best to you,