Its no fun to have a cold

My 3 lovely little daughters decided that they needed to share their cold with me! It is just a cold but when I am supposed to be washing the dishes, fixing meals and taking care of the girls, it is really no fun at all. At least 2 of my kids are sill in bed, and I asked hubby if he could stay home today (he can’t) but he said he could go to work at 3 am so he could come home earlier.

And because I have been taking care of sick kids and me I have not even picked up my needles in days…I miss knitting.

:hug::muah: Hope you are feeling better soon! Can you treat yourself to a nice soothing cup of tea, at least? It can help with the congestion.

i am sick too. its not fun. i feel for you.

I hope you are all feeling better soon.

We all seem to finally be getting better somewhat, the kids are still coughing some but other than that I think they are fine. I however ended with with bronchitis. Went to the Dr. last night and she prescribed meds and a inhaler that I need to pick up today. I hope to be feeling good enough to wash clothes and get the kitchen cleaned finally. With all of us sick it was next to impossible to keep on top of the house and be sick.

At least I have meds and am on the mend!

I finally got a cold too! I guess I was due since every one else I know has had it. My husband got sick twice this season! I’m taking a break on the knitting and crocheting a blanket for my friends baby. Then I’m going to work more on the American flag blanket I’ve been knitting for 2 years off & on between projects.:roll:
Hope you all are better soon! Take care.:knitting: