It's my first sweater!

Mind you, it’s only a baby sweater but so far so good. I’m half way finished with it. I’m using a NZ brand of wool called Sean Sheep “Hero Tones” (the pattern and the wool can be found here )

I think you can get this kind of wool in Canada now, if I’m not mistaken (at Wal Mart). :slight_smile:

And would you believe I’m also knitting BARBIE clothes? LOL A friend of mine has a 4 year old daughter so I’m doing some for her birthday… wish me luck! LOL

I don’t see the pattern? :scratchinghead: Good for you though! I bet Barbie clothes are fun!

For the pattern, just click on BigW or the other two, then click on project sheets. :flirt:

Good for you! I love to knit sweaters. I haven’t gone into the harder stuff, but I have ventured into my first striping and patterned sweaters now.