It's happening again!

We are in another ice storm. Everything is coated with ice and it is raining hard, and they say another 9 more hours! Yikes! I just pray that somehow it is not as bad as the last one.:help:

Oh gosh, I remember the last one. I hope you and your family and friends are safe and that you have enough supplies for a couple of days.
We’re also in a storm, but it’s just snow for now.

Darcia, that is the worst thing in winter. Still snowing here. Keep safe and warm.

I hate ice storms. I love snow… but ice storms just are bad. I wish you the best, and hope you stay warm & a great knitting project you love!

Oh yes stay safe ice storms are the worst. May it stop soon and no lose of your lights. Keep safe.


It sure was a tough night for sleep lots of clinking from the trees, but we fared well. Not enough to cause damage. It was quite beautiful in the sun this morning with all the shining ice.