It's got to get better, right?

I finally succomb to old age and got my first pair of bifocals (progressive lenses). After 2 years of fighting with not being able to read with or without glasses and fighting to see stitches and having to peer over the top of my glasses in order to read patterns or count stitches or fix mistakes I decided it was time to admit that I needed a different prescription at the bottom. (sigh)

So I got them on Saturday and I’m SO frustrated with them. I can’t find the right distance to hold my work at so I can see and I have NO periferal vision. If I’m not looking right on something it is blurry. Is this right?? The optometrist said it would take a day or two to get used to them, but I’m wondering if I’m supposed to get used to NOT SEEING! I had to back knit last night to fix a counting error and I ended up having to yank my glasses off to see what the stitches were doing. I just want to be able to see again!

hmm sounds off to me when i first got my glasses i could see better as soon as i put them on! then i was all like wow i can see stuff stuff i didnt know i couldnt see. id maybe check in a few days if its not better.

Welcome to the club! I’ve had no line bifocal lenses for many years now and it took me 9 days to get use to them the first time. Now I love them.:woohoo:

Yes, you are right…there is no more sneaking a peek at anyone or anything without turning your head in the direction of what you want to see. I was told if you want to see something…point your nose at it and then it will be clear!!!

Sometimes if I hold a baby up close and I look down the baby is blurry. :eyes:Nothing I can do about that. So there are some situations when things are not clear only because they are not in the right spot for the lens to see them clear…but it doesnt’ happen often.

I don’t know about bifocals, but when I got glasses a few years ago I tossed them aside after a week. I even went back and had the perscription checked and they said it was right… wrong! Come to find out I have a degenerative disease in the eye muscle and my vision is always changing.

I’d give it a few days and then if they’re still not working for you, I’d give them a call. Sometimes they do make mistakes.

OK, so grin and bear it for a few more days? I have found that when I am outside or in a big space that I have better peripheral vision, but when I’m in the house or sitting at the computer it is horrible. I have three monitors and am so used to just glancing over to see if new mail has popped up or a quick glance back and forth to copy something that doesn’t control c/v very well. I’ll keep going.

Maybe it is the whole bifocal thing that is driving me batty! :smiley:

My mom just got her no line bifocals and hated them. she went back to regular line bifocals, said it was easier for her. Could be they just aren’t right for you?
let us know how it goes!

I got Progressive lenses three years ago and it took me a minute (a couple of days) to make the distinction between the lines so to speak…felt like I was walking down hill…Anyway, I also discovered that it was a matter of placement. You’re measured for the lenses with the frame fitted regarding the bridge of your nose, and the curvature of the frame, that is where they have to be worn for optimum effect. You shift them and your vision is off!

I had to let go of my old routine of looking over (pulling them down on my nose to see and wear them where they were fitted to benefit from the new perscription.

Forget Old Age and think experienced eyes and wear them like you should for a few days…May kick in, if not, you know where you got them!

Good Luck!

I agree- it could take a day or so, but if it doesn’t get ANY better soon, take them back. My hubby got progressives and HATED them and went back to regular bifocals. A friend of mine has a set of progressives for “regular use” and a set of glasses just for computer use (no bifocal, focal length for looking at her computer screen). she said the progressives really took getting used to and she still isn’t happy about the loss of peripheral vision.

Any good optometrist will check and re-fit the glasses/ lenses for you.

I have to take the plunge myself and get my first bifocals pretty soon (sigh) it makes me feel… old!

My mom had a lot of trouble getting used to her no line bifocals. It took her about 2 weeks or so - she was dizzy and nauseous (sp?), she had no depth perception or periferal (sp? what is wrong with me today?) vision, she couldn’t read or watch TV without feeling sick, she kept walking off curbs because she couldn’t figure out exactly where they were, all that stuff. Now she really likes them, but there was definitely a long adjustment period, longer than with a new prescription of regular lenses.

I feel for you! I don’t like this at all because it messes with my two favorite things: reading and knitting. :pout:

Right now I wear contact lenses and use reading glasses for close-up work. It is getting harder and harder to function like this. My eye doctor doesn’t think I’ll be able to wear bifocal contact lenses, so I’m very interested to hear other people’s experiences with bifocal glasses.

I can actually see better up-close without wearing glasses or contacts. However, I have to put the book or knitting really close to my face, so it looks a little weird!

On a positive note, my husband got progressive lenses with wonderful results. He did say it took him a while to adjust, though.

It sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat, so I am anxious to hear how this turns out. Best wishes! :hug: