It's gonna get a KICK in the fat bottom!

I’m getting rather annoyed at this fat bottom bag. I just cannot get it right! I’ve ripped out the “fat bottom bag” probably about half a dozen times (if not more).

Maybe I’m just using the wrong yarn?? I mean, it’s heavy worsted (not light worsted) yarn and I’m using a 5.5 mm hook.

sigh I’m also working on the granny’s no square bag, so I think I’ll just finish that before attempting the fat bottom bag again.

What sort of problems are you having with it?

Maybe you could reinvent it to be meant to be what it’s turning out to be?..

Sorry that it hasn’t been working out for you. Is it that herringbone stitch you’re having trouble with? It gave me some troubles at the start too. I also found working with the non-stretchy cotton fairly frustrating.

Let us know what we can help with!!

I think perhaps I just haven’t found the right yarn/cotton for it… ?? I dunno. The hhdc is quite tricky to do… I can’t seem to catch the yarn with my hook to pull the first loop through.

So far I’ve tried it with 2 different yarns and I’m just not getting it. I think I might try one more time and REALLY work on it. Now that I’ve finished the other bag, I have nothing to distract me. LOL