It's getting heavy!

I’m working on a baby blanket. I’m doing it on circulars in order to hold all the stitches. Only now that it’s getting longer it’s really starting to get heavy. I’m not using a ‘heavy’ type of yarn – it’s just baby 3 ply, 2 strands held together. You don’t think this will stretch the blanket do you? I can almost see patches where it looks like I can see through it (or am I just imagining things because I’m paranoid). It’s all done in plain garter stitch. Hmmmm… I hope it doesn’t break the cables, either.

Do I sound crazy yet? LOL Anyone else find it harder to knit a blanket after it’s gotten to a certain length (and consequently weight)?

Um… if it’s on cables it shouldn’t be weighing down! I’m confused - unless you tend to hold your needles a bit higher in the air when you knit? Could you put your hands down a bit closer to your thighs so it’s not lifted up? That’s the only thing I can think of…


Are you toward the end of the blanket? Not much you can do really. As for holes those should be fine once you wash and dry or block if it’s wool.

I recently made what was supposed to be a baby blanket with 3 strands held together. It also got way heavier than I expected. I gave it to the recipient, telling her she may want to use it more as a mat for baby to have on the floor rather than a blanket! :teehee:

Here 's a suggestion i discovered myself outta necessity…
I knit on the couch alot… so get a small pillow or cushion and lay the yarn and the rest of the afghn on top of the pillow and put the pillow in your lap…
I disoverd getting they yarn closer to me helped me relax my arms b/e the yarn, needles, and my wip were all right in front of me…
hope this helps

Big things get heavy. I just try to knit closer to my lap, though.

I’ve never thought about that… yes, I guess I do tend to lift my arms up high when I knit. It feel strange having it sitting in my lap for some reason… maybe because I’m so used to doing projects where I really need to be able to see the stitches. LOL

When I work on it tonight, I’m going to try to be aware of holding it down lower. I like the cushion idea!! I’ve got two on my sofa that would sit nicely in my lap while I knit and that way I can still have my arms up where I like them.

I still have my nursing pillows… I bet they would be great for this kind of thing! :slight_smile: