It's fun! it's creative! it's charitable!

and it gets rid of your scrap yarn that is just sitting in a corner, collecting dust!

what am i talking about, you ask? what is this miraculous way to use up that annoying fuzzy yarn you bought but doesnt seem to go away and just keeps reproducing? it’s the non-profit orginization i’m starting!

Warm Up Winter (WUW) focuses on knitting blankets made of 60 5"x5" knitted squares, and giving them to the less fortunate on the streets and around Nova Scotia, which is where it is based. (WUW also collects knitted hats, scarves and mittens.) Please please please check out and add us if you have a myspace account.

If you’re interested in helping out, please check out the site and send any questions you have to there or PM them to me here.

Thanks everyone,
much love