Dh started puking last night so I am the only one left who hasn’t gotten sick yet. If the trend holds, I’ll be hurling around midnight tonight. I am hoping I won’t get it, lots of times the kids and dh get sick and I don’t. But I am getting tired, being up in the middle of the night for some reason most of this week.

Ro’s mittens came out cute and I am so proud of myself for trying. The capelet is taking a long time and I am not that patient when it is hard to see progress but it’ll get there and the first thing I am knitting for myself.

Tried to teach a friend to knit today and either I am a horrible teacher or she isn’t an apt student. Either way it didn’t go well and I feel bad. I told her to come here, I hope she does!

Oh, and if I don’t get sick tonight I am picking my mom up at the airport in Denver at 6:30 am!! It’s about 1 hr 25 min from here but she loves to see the kiddos when she gets off the long flight from Alaska and the kids love the trip to go get Grandma. We are all really excited, please don’t get sick, please don’t get sick, please don’t get sick, please don’t get sick!!

LOL well dh is going to an OSU party but he is cheering for Michigan… last year he didn’t go and would call them everytime Michigan scored and played their fight song when they said hello… :thinking: I think they thought it was safer to have him there with them this year :??

This is a weekend I…JUST…NEED…TO…BREATHE…on…my sons’ high school boys soccer banquet on Sunday night and YKW is one of two moms who did it all…I have tons to do tomorrow and Sunday with respect to that, AND, somehow I am the bagel beeyatch for the swim team tomorrow morning and no other parents were willing to go down and give them their breakfast (60 kids on this team and we have like 10 involved parents)…so on my way now to get the bagels and I just wannna work on a mindless scarf!!!