It's done

finished. :cheering: :woot: :yay: :woohoo: :cheering: :woot: :woohoo: :yay: :cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:

and my phone takes THE WORST photos, so i can’t show you.

But I’m delighted with it. and even looking forward to doing something with the same yarn in pink.

I have six balls left over.

now I have to wait for cooler weather to wear it. It’s about 30+ today. 36 with the humidity!

Yay! I’m so happy for you. But come on, crummy pictures or no, we’ve got to see this fabulous sweater.

I agree! We NEED pictures!

I’ve waited all summer for this finish and I want to congratulate you. Well done!

(ps. why do you call it the “grandpa sweater”???)

Well done! Yes, please let us see.


the colour is much deeper, and I couldn’t get rid of the glare or fuzziness.

but, for all its worth, here it is. :slight_smile:

oh, and its a “grandpa sweater” because I based its shape on traditional long underwear…

short front placket, round neck…

and a sort of waffle weave. which I will NEVER do again. you can see the pattern stitch much better in person, and it’s VERY 4-way stretchy. but easy to lose track of when you’re knitting it, and with the slight texture of the yarn, the knit/purl/yarn forwards got lost until I was about 6 rows further along. (hence all the frogging and cursing.)

The sweater looks wonderful. Yes, the details are hard to see but the lovely front placket and beautifully set in sleeves show through. This was undoubtedly a difficult one but it looks terrific. Enjoy wearing it!

I LOVE your sweater, blurry or not! It looks fantastic! GREAT job! So proud of you for finishing it! :woot: