It's done!

[SIZE=5]I FINALLY DID IT!!! I FINISHED MY FRIEND’S THROW!!!:woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:
I have been working on this thing for over a year. I stayed up last night until after midnight BO and blocking but it’s done. It’s not as long as I’d like it to be but I barely had enough yarn to finish it and [/SIZE][SIZE=5]I finished just in time because Smokie’s B-Day is next Saturday and it’s going to be a very hot week and I’m not going to feel like working on [/SIZE][SIZE=5]a throw in 100+ degree heat.[/SIZE][SIZE=5] I have to finish my 1st sweater when the weather cools off.[/SIZE][SIZE=5]

I used 7 skeins of LB WE in Forest Green Heather on size 8s. The pattern is an adaptation of Brooke Nelson’s Column of Leaves scarf.

:muah: :hug:
Nadja :knitting:

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that’s beautiful! its an amazing accomplishment congratulations

Just lovely! Congrats on finishing such a huge project!!!

Nice Work!!!
It looks soooo cozy.[/CENTER]

That’s beautiful!! Great job. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s gorgeous… An i really like the green color :heart:

That is just beautiful! :cheering:


I love that color. :inlove:

Beautiful job! :cheering:



Your work is just amazing! It is a beautiful pattern that goes perfectly with the yarn!


It’s beautiful!! :balloons:

I know how you feel about the heat … it was 92 yesterday and is supposed to be 98 today, so I’m finding it very hard to finish knitting my HP scarf because it’s so :hot:!

That is so beautiful. :inlove: What a lucky friend you have!

Beautiful knitting! The patterns is so well defined - I love it. And so will your very lucky friend.

[SIZE=5]:muah: :muah: Thanks everyone :muah: :muah:

It’s not as large as it looks I think it’s about 5x5. I would have been done with it long ago but I kept putting it down to work something else. I think I have knitting ADD. I put it down for several months because I wanted to get everyones Christmas gifts done. I felt so guilty that I hadn’t finished it in time for Christmas so I had to get it done for her B-Day. Thanks again. :muah:

[SIZE=2]:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

[SIZE=4][COLOR=black]GREAT JOB !!! :inlove:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Absolutely stunning!

I know how you feel! I had an afghan I started two summers ago! and I finally finished it a couple months ago. Geez. Great feeling of accomplishment isn’t it!:cheering:


Stunning! You friend is very lucky.