It's coming!

After extensive research and asking people for their opinions, I’ve gone and ordered my very own set of Options. I alsmot went with the Harmony needles, but was told I couldn’t use hand lotion when knitting with those, and I’m a hand lotion freak. I also grabbed a few fixed needles in smaller sizes (0, 1, and 3), a 40" cable, needle sizer, and a pattern book. I got an email today from KP saying that it’s on the way!

The only bummer to the whole thing is I slipped on ice today, going down pretty hard on my left side while trying to use my right wrist to break my fall. Everything is okay…baby isn’t going anywhere…but my wrist is killing me. I want to be able to knit something with my purty new needles when they get here…it had better be better by then!

oh, sorry you! i will be thinking of your wrist! yay about the needles!

And enjoy your new needles!!! :slight_smile:



I’m so sorry about your arm. Glad the rest of you and the baby are okay… Congratulations on your new acquisition!

When I saw that thread name and that you were the one who posted it, I thought you meant the baby was coming. I was trying to figure out how you were able to post while in labor.:roflhard: Anyways, congrats on the needles, you’ll love them. Hope your wrist feels better by the time you get them.:thumbsup: