It's COLD!

It’s currently 29 degrees here. [B]In FLORIDA[/B]. We had a high of 44 today, and it’ll be cold again tomorrow!

I got to wear my Palindrome set today. Outside! And socks! And a sweater!!! And the best part is, I didn’t look like a dork wearing all that knitted stuff!:woohoo:

Why yes, I AM easily amused. :eyebrow2:

and I’m in south Louisiana.

That is TOOOOOOO cold!

Sounds like Global warming in action, :lol: And there’s nothing wrong with being easily amused. But shoot, 29 degrees in Florida? is that with, or without the humidity factored in?

That’s without the humidity. With, it FEELS like 17 degrees.

This is totally weird. I swear, it was 80 degrees like 5 days ago.

k just a little hint for all you southern belles n gents. Turn your water on so that it drips just a wee bit and open the bottom door of your bathroom sink cabinet so that your pipes won’t freeze. Ya’ll don’t want to wake up to a flood of biblical proportions in yer house.
Just a wee tip from one of them that live in the antartic regions of colorado lol.

I just checked the weather online (you think I am going out there?) and it says it is 17 and with the wind chill it is 6!! It was real windy today, but this weekend it is supposed to jump up to the 40’s and 50’s! Nice little warm spell there…

It’s cold in Charlotte too. 17 degrees today, and the wind was cutting right through me when I was going from my car into homes to teach piano lessons. I wore my big winter coat, and had to actually wear the hood. Made me laugh out loud.

My computer says it’s 16 outside right now. No idea about the wind chill. Earlier today, I went out without the coat–had on a heavy sweatshirt & a scarf. But tonight? Got out the heavy-duty coat for the trip out for dinner. The cats don’t want to sleep on the sun porch tonight–too cold out there!

I’m in MD up in the mountains, and it’s 12 degrees with 25 mph winds. I took the dogs out earlier without my hat and after about 5 minutes I literally could not feel my ears. It’s cooooold. hehe.

wow, 80 degrees to 29? that’s quite a cold snap. Well, do yer best to keep warm, Silver. Hopefully warm weather will come again soon.

Ahhh, currently, it is a balmy 3 degrees F. New Year’s day it was -8 F (that would have been about -22 C according to the weather site I went to). The kids and I were out and about yesterday because it wasn’t as cold as the day before, but yet I think the liquid in my eyeballs still froze.

This from the California girl who is used to it being about 60-75+ right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this treat of cold weather. I know it’s no picnic when you live it months at a time, but it’s so rare here, I do appreciate it when it happens. It would be even sweeter if we were treated with some snow, but there’s no precip on radar. :verysad: (BUT, we’ll be in Ohio the weekend after next for a mini ski trip so we WILL be playing in the snow soon enough!:cheering:)

But… just one night of freezing temps can be completely devastaing to local farmers. Orange trees will have certainly frozen last night if farmers didn’t take extreme precautions. A frozen orange is a worthless orange and we are having freezing temps for 10 to 12 straight hours. It’s still only 25 here this morning. :eyebrow2:

I hear you, last night I was so cold!

I too don’t mind near freezing temperatures. But last night was -22 C or -7F (I think I read some one posted that conversion, how lucky am I!).

I normally have 3 quilts, 1 thermal blanket, and 1 other blanket on our bed. Last night I added a double Queen sized sleeping bag and both my children crawled in with me because they were too cold as well. Then we all slept.

I love wearing layers but can’t do that with regular fall weather around here. I enjoy a slight cold. Occasionally I can appreciate ‘sucking your breath in cold.’ But I hate ‘I can’t sleep I’m so cold’ cold!

[btw, I’m in Ontario, but farther south than several Michiganders]

my mom is in FL too and she took in the herbs and poinsettias and all, and I saw a headline that farmers were icing the oranges over…definitely chilly there! But I’m in MI and have to take the kiddos out in the snow and I have no snow pants for me…brrr! Cold knees! Need knee warmers! :)I think a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and a nice pile of yarn sounds so much better!

Enjoy it while it lasts Silver! I can see how cold weather would be fun when you don’t get much of it, especially if you’re a knitter. Maybe you can come visit us up here in Canada and enjoy the cold weather???
I just left Manitoba, where my parents are living, and the day I left it was -24.5 (celsius) which is -12 (or so- fahrenheit). It’s not so bad here in Southern Ontario. Today it’s -13 (celsius) which is about 8 degrees fahrenheit.

I remember another colder winter we had here in Charlotte. It was the day of my first wedding. I guess that God was warning me. :teehee: It was 12 degrees.

It’s 24 here today with a high of 32.This is the first real cold we’ve had. On Christmas eve it was 79. This past week it’s been in the high 60’s My poor dog hasn’t really gotten his winter coat yet as it’s been so warm. Needless to say our trips out to potty are quick!

BRRR! It’s was -10F here this morning when we were leaving for work. It will warm up to about 19F. We have about 6 inches of snow on the ground. East of us, they have 24 inches! But, we live in Michigan, so we’re used to stupid winters like this.:teehee:

You guys in Canada are scaring me! I’m headed to Calgary for a week on Tuesday. I wasn’t too worried originaly, I grew up in Detroit and now live in NYC, but now I’m totally freaked out. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to whip up an extra thick hat this weekend. :shrug:

I am in North Florida along the Gulf coast and it was 26F here this morning. We went for our usual coffee katch at 7am and at the resturant there was a car parked in front with a Maine tag which was covered with ice. Even icicles hanging from the bumper. :passedout: The wind is blowing 25 to 30 today. A good day to cover up and stay inside. Supposed to go up in the 40’s this afternoon. Yeah!!!:knitting: