It's been one of those days.. or

:teehee: Since, I think I’m almost ready to buy a cane and start ‘shaking it at the sky’… or maybe someone knows where I can buy BINGO SUPPLIES cheap to get me ready for my future life? :roflhard: :rofl:

It was a bad, bad, bad day all around… One that puts you in a cranky mood… that is all I can say… so, can you guys/guyettes try to cheer me up… ??

*If you want more information… check out today’s blog entry.


Thank you for the sweet thoughts!

I will look out at the pretty snow tomorrow and pretend that I am elsewhere :wink: – I just checked the weather and it’s supposed to snow off and on all night tonight.

look at it this way:

the crappy weather outside (and the stress from dealing with brats) gives you a REALLY GOOD excuse to stay inside with a hot cup of tea and KNIT.

I had to laugh at what you wrote… because… ‘brats’ is the only proper word to use… :slight_smile:

I did make a cup of hot chocolate (it’s opposite day/night here from what it is in the states)… but, I did finally finish the ‘ear flaps’ on the baby hat that I’ve been making and just finished and took a photo.

It’s now featured in the ‘what cha knitting’ forum. So, now that one is finished and I can start working on the next ‘baby gift’ that I need to knit.

Oh, don’t let the brats and the weather get you down! Just remember, when they’re grown up they will likely get the same treatment from some other brats! Plus you can always picture them having to deal with bratty children of their own some day… :wink:

Love the baby hat! :slight_smile:

:wink: :teehee: Oh no… brats begetting more brats…

Thanks… all… I’m better now… of course, it is the weekend now too and that always puts things in a better light when you have a bad ‘work day’, right? :wink: :roflhard: