It's been a rough knitting weekend!

So after finishing my mom’s shawl, I had to pick up a new project. On the table was learning socks, learning lace with the branching out pattern, and the green gables. Well not one of those worked out! I’ve frogged my first sock at least 5 times, and I never got more than 5 rows done!! I couldn’t get my swatch to work for my GG. I didn’t even think I was ready to try out the lace! So know I’m just pouting and working on an easy ribbed scarf for a friend. :rollseyes:

sigh I’ve had those days (weeks?.. months?). At one point when I had to frog a sock and a cuff (I finally decided that there were too many things that I didn’t like about them) and then thought I’d have to frog a 3/4 finished sock (too large - I ended up finishing it and putting it in the ‘gift bin’ for my sister). All these sock problems among a few other projects that just weren’t going right, threw me into a serious knitting funk. I don’t think I knitted for atleast a week :shock:. Horrors!

I feel your pain. This is when I just go knit a booga bag - fulfilling, but too easy to be messed up or call for frogging :wink:

Sorry about your knitting boo-boos…it happens to all of us. When this happens to me I usually grab a fun, short, fulfilling project :wink:

that’s why i started the scarf… I needed something brainless! Also, not an hour after I wrote that post I went to work on my “Everybody’s Doing It Shrug” when I realized I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish it! It was just a stash busting project, but still really disapointing to frog the whole thing when it was nearly done! Hopefully this recycled silk yarn I ordered comes here soon so I can cheer myself up by knitting a small poncho. :XX:

there must be something in the air right now, because i just frogged half a sock

this is my 4th attempt at making a pair for my granny - first ones were too snug, second one was ok, but i realized it was hand wash wool and i know she won’t remember, third was a jaywalker, but then again, too narrow and today’s frogging was because of a dropped stitch that laddered and i couldn’t fix it

i am not a happy knitter

When I have problems like this, I tend to just walk away from the knitting. I pick it back up when I’m in a better frame of mind.

Anyone that needs a knitting break can come to my house and help me weed the roses. :rollseyes:

Oooh - what kind of roses, Nikki? (asks the rose fiend, quietly, from behind her oatmeal mittens with the thumb frogged out for the fourth freaking time this morning…)