It's A Snow Day For Me And I'm Knitting!

[SIZE=4][COLOR=Navy][I]Yippee! It’s a “Snow Day” for me and guess what I’ll be doing today? Knitting, knitting, knitting! Woohoo! [/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]


Woohoo!!! Those little surprises are so nice, aren’t they?

Nice one!

It is cold here right now and sunny - but they are calling for snow here later today, then freezing rain, then rain… I hate driving in the snow…
So now I am at work and will worry about it all day till I get to go home… lucky you! Wish I was home knitting!

have fun!! :woohoo:

I’m jealous, of course!

Lucky you. I hope that you get a lot accomplished.

What better way to spend a snowy day. Well, add a cup of cocoa to that and it’s perfect cloud9

Snow day for me too!!! YEAH! My kiddos have been in seek & destroy mode so I haven’t gotten much of ANYTHING done, much less knitting… but nap time is just ahead…

I’ve been stuck at the airport today since 11 am. Good thing I brought my knitting! I have been able to knit several pattern repeats on my lace scarf and I’m so much calmer than the people around me!

I’m working on getting scheduled for my fourth flight of the day. The first three were cancelled but I have no worries. They should recommend people to take their knitting with them on the TSA website!!!

:woot:Way to go! Hope you’re enjoying your snow day!