It's a slow day today~

I don’t see many people posting on KH today~~ :shrug:

Between trying to finish my sock and playing with my new Options…


Doing laundry, catching up on homework and waiting for a phone call from my bear ^^

Cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, ordering groceries online, ordering other things that are needed (I love that I can knit and shop at the same time) swatching -swatching - swatching, and trying to find a great deal on a set of size 5 profi circs.

Don’t ever knit Girl from Auntie’s Eris if you don’t want to swatch! It takes three swatches, and so far I’m needing to do at least 2 of them 2-3 times to find the right gauge. I think I’m almost there but I need to get the size 5 in the brand needle I want to be sure.

Mama Bear

Working! :roll:

He called me!! :heart:

I miss my boy… :waah:

We’re in a snow emergency where I live, so I’ve been at home all day. I guess I have no excuse for not posting very much, except I knitted an ENTIRE slipper, only to have to frog the whole thing, and redo it. :wall:

Sitting at work… it’s a slow week. Wish I could knit at work! :pout:

DH stayed home today and worked… since the weather has been rough here… which means I don’t get much computer time :teehee: prolly be home tomorrow too… this way I don’t have to worry about him being out on the roads… :heart:

maybe everyone was out shopping for last minute V-day gifts? :shrug: