Its a sad sad day

I come into work this morning and tried to get on Ravelry and to my surprise its been blocked!!! :waah: It says its restricted because its hobbies, dating, personals. I’m so sad! What’s next a block on KH?!?! Now [I]that[/I] would be horrible.


Ravelry blocked?!??!

Now that is truly sad.

Poor you.

I have been battling all day to get in to Ravelry and cannot. :hair:
I made a joke that it must be THIS country that has banned it - I can’t believe it is banned in the USA.
OMG what are we going to do???:verysad::verysad:

Oh honey I’m so sorry. :hug:

You’ll have to spend twice as long here to make up for it!

Oh darn, I guess I will. How sad.:teehee:

I think Kaydee means her work blocked it, not the US.

I’m getting a Server Error message, so you’re not missing much today!

Yes, they blocked it at work, its very sad.

Oh, ok … duh! I am just so used to things being banned by the government here!! Has anyone managed to get in to Ravelry today at all??? Maybe there is still hope for me then!! :???:Crossed Fingers