It's a jumper-not socks

Finished this off for my sisters GS. Had to sew all the ends in after weaving them in as the yarn (Patons smoothie) is notorious for poking through to the outside. Very easy pattern and to add some interest I incorporated a cow on the front since we grew up on a dairy farm. Hope it fits the little fella.

That’s too sweet, too cute, too adorable. You’ve outdone yourself! Very nicely done. If I were a teacher I’d have to give you A+++ on it.

I love this sweater! It [I]is[/I] simple but getting the overlap of the shawl collar to work takes care. You’ve done it marvelously well and the cow is perfect. Lovely work.

That is so ADORABLE it looks like it will keep him nice and warm too. Beautiful!

[B][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]What a FANTASTIC project!!! I LOVE IT!!! I especially like the turned over collar and the cow![/COLOR][/B]