Its a bird, its a plane... it's a pencil?

Robyn Love–Who last year, knit a mile, this year crocheted a cozy for a NYC water tank*–

turning it into againt pencil..

*NYC has a largly gravity feed water system… and instead of a few large water towers as might be found in a town, in NYC ever building over 6 stories (or about 60 feet) provides its own water tower to maintain pressure. Most of these towers are wood, about 14 feet in diameter, and hold about 10,000 gallons of water…

they are small compared to a town water tower, but HUGE when you consider most of them are wooden barrels.


That’s different…:??

WOW…Ok, but am I the only one whose mind goes to the gutter when looking at the pencil tip?? :teehee:

Well no, but… at least it wasn’t a red pencil. :shifty:

:shock: JAN!!! :teehee: