It's 2:23 a.m

and my ds is refusing to go to sleep. Since he was born 3 weeks ago, he’s only slept between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. on two different occassions…night before last, and the night previous to that. I was convinced we were turning a corner and then last night he stayed up from 10:30 to 1:00 which was a little more manageable but then tonight—he’s been up since about 11:45–I keep thinking that the longest he’s ever been awake is 3 hours so certainly he must be going to fall asleep in the next 15 minutes or so, right!!!

I’M SO SLEEPY!!! :sleepy:

poor you :hug: I hope your son is sleeping as I write this. :hug:

I hope you are snoozing nicely now.

I was lucky with my daughter, but when I was pregnant my MIL would scare me with all the stories of her dad never sleeping more than 2-3 hours at a time and how exausted she was the first 6 months. She was so helpful.

Here is to your beautiful boy sleeping longer nights in the very near future! :hug:

Cristy, it will get better. just hang in there. SLeep when he sleeps. That is often the most challenging, but it will help you.

Ugh. I remember those days. :hug: I hope you get some sleep!

ugh! That stinks! Nicholas was like that too for the first month. He just didn’t want to sleep before 2 or so. They do eventually learn. And I know how hard it is to “sleep when they sleep”. I always wanted to get stuff done when he slept. So even though I was tired I never napped during the day. :hug:

Sounds like he may be getting a growth spurt. Their sleeping patterns change tat these times, so in a week or so he’ll settle down and sleep for longer periods.


Hmm, more knitting time! :wink:

My friends swear by it.

Also The book “The Happiest Baby on the Block” has some great suggestions on keeping and putting babies to sleep. I’ve had four kids and some of the suggestions I knew instinctively and some after lots of trial and error. But if I was planning anymore I would definately invest in this book.

Hope you get some sleep real soon.

All my kids slept for the first two weeks so you must be wiped. Big hugs there is an end sweetie.

girl he is young enough where you can lay him next to you and go to sleep while he is looking around at nothing. i did it all the time. he won’t even notice you’re sleep. lay down and lay him right next to you face so you won’t roll on him. you might get smacked in the face a couple of times but at least you can sleep a little!!! hope things get better!


Hope he sleeps better tonight!!

Prayers for you…



Oh man! Do I remember those times with my DS!


I’m praying he out grows this stage quickly!
[I’ll keep my story to myself!]

Well…At 3:00 a.m. I finally went to wake up dh and told him he had to take over b/c I was afraid I was getting too sleepy! I wish I could just lay him down and let him look around but he isn’t just awake–if he isn’t being held or nursed he is screaming. We have noticed that he falls asleep quicker if dh has him and I think it’s b/c when I hold him, he smells breastmilk and thinks he is supposed to be eating. It could also be that I take “first shift” a lot of times so he’s just finally tired enough to go to sleep when dh gets him. dh said he fell asleep in his arms about 30 minutes after we did our shift change and so he and dh slept together on the sofa for about 2.5 hours before he woke up again. So I did eventually get a couple hours of sleep.

dd was like this and it prompted me to start letting her sleep w/ us when she was about 5 months old when I went back to work b/c I could get her to sleep if she was snuggled against me in the bed. I’m trying to avoid that this time b/c dh is home at night (before it was just me in the bed) so it’s an uncomfortable fit for all three of us. We’ve looked into a co-sleeper but I think it’d be no different than using a pack n play. The problem w/ both of my babies is that I can get them to sleep by nursing or “bouncing and walking” but it’s when I lay them down that their eyes pop open! I’ve read up on how to determine that they are in a deep sleep and I’ve put down a warmed blanket and a shirt that smells like me. Right now he sleeps in the pack n play in our room.

I bought a sling (I ordered it from and have heard wonderful things about them but the ones w/ that company are only slightly adjustable in size and I apparently got one that is too small for me. They have a sizing guide and I used it but I didn’t add in for how much larger my bust would be and when you do the size tutorial it tells you are either a small, medium or large–when you go to select a size when you order, you select small-medium, medium-large, large-xtra large. I got a small-medium and I think I should have gotten a medium-large. I’ve emailed the company to ask them to exchange it for a larger size (I’ve never used this one other than to try to put him in it and I have all of the original packaging) but I’ve gotten no response. I may call them today and see if I can get a response by phone. Their policy says “no” after 30 days and it’s been about 60 but it would be at no cost to them to exchange it.

Anyway–hopefully it’ll get better soon. It’s got to–I do have to go back to work in a couple of weeks!

I let our son sleep with us for quite awhile. The rule was, he went to bed in his crib (or bed) every night. He usually didn’t wake up until 2am or so. This way, the hubby and I were able to have our “quality” time after he went to bed, and then he would wake and come into bed with us and we could quickly go back to sleep.