Items to Trade & Items Wished For

Items I would like to have are: (If you have something else to offer let me know, I’ll consider it)

Addi’s or KnitPick’s 16” circulars in sizes 1 - 13
KP Harmony Wood Cable Needles in 6"
KP Lace Blocking Wires
Wooden Darning Egg
Chanel No. 5 Perfume
Estee Lauder Perfume- Youth Dew

Items I have to trade are:

Jacqueline Fee book – The Sweater Workshop used condition with some ink writing.

A lot of what I had for trade has been traded, gifted, or sold since I first listed this thread. They have been edited out. If you have any of the above wanted items please let me know what you need in return. I might be able to work out a trade with you.

What weight sock yarn are you looking for, I have lots of sock yarn but it is mainly DK weight. You can have it for postage as long as you are not in south American or Europe…

If you still have the yarn, please let me know. Thanks.

Hi GG,

Yes, I have lots of sock yarn, what colors are you looking for, and what size socks are you looking to knit? I only need to know about the size so I send you enough of the same color, i.e., size 12 man’s?

yarnflyer in eastern Sierra CA