Items beginning with L

I was really hoping to knit something for my work secret Santa. It has to start with the first letter of their name, which is L. Any ideas?
I did a rav search for L first of all but it was too vague!! This was for lipstick and there are a few ideas which might work also there’s a Light saber pattern (if someone’s a starwars fan, I’m not but I’d like one anyway lol)

Silly knit names maybe your answer:

Leggings: as in long sleeves for one’s legs instead of arms.

Lip warmer: What most people call a scarf.

Lid topper: Bennie, touque, toboggan, knit hat.

See where I am going with this?

Long-Johns: winter is approaching in the Northern Hemisphere.

Long lapels: another alias for a scarf.

Let the word games begin?


A Lion pillow! Circle or square, some fringe around and yarn embroider eyes! That sounds like a fun gift exchange idea

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