Italian translation needed help

Hello everybody!

Does anyone here speaks Italian, cause I have a pattern for a poncho from Mani di fata magazine and I’m stuck with this one part which I can’t translate.


The following sites have knitting terms for different languages. Not all will have italian terms, but a couple should.


These are great links!
I already had some of them, but the others will be useful as well.

Anyway, the main problem are the sentences, not much the knitting terms. I just can’t figure out what are they trying to say, it has something to do with decreasing :smiley:

However, I’ll try with some of these links, but if there’s anyone who speaks Italian, I would use some help.

Thanks anyway!

You might consider joining Ravelry. One of the Forums there called Excuse Me helps people translate patterns.

That’s not a bad idea!