It Would Be A Big Help If:

It would be a big help if …

If you have any suggestions, please list it.

Mine is the following.

It would be a big help if knitting patterns would tell what size the recommended yarn was. You know, like the # 1-6 that is on most wrappers. Then perhaps I could find a suitable substitute.

knitting patterns would always list the models’ size/ease.

webs had all the sock yarn I wanted, in every color.

the instructions were always ACCURATE

It would be a big help if all my knitting supplies could be purchased from the same place!

‘Knit Picks’ delivered to the U.k!

Actually I think my hubby wouldn’t like if they did!:thud:

If all abbreviations used in a pattern were written at the beginning as a glossary (I know many are but often not ALL are in more complex patterns).

If pattern designers would specify which increase/decrease they used instead of just say “increase” or “decrease” or use the increase/decrease of your choice!

Sure i can always use what I choose, but I want to know what the designer did - sometimes it can really change the look of a garment!

I think it would be a big help if every pattern was labelled with some sort of difficulty rating as sometimes it’s hard to know how difficult something is until you actually do it…Although this does make you try knew things, but I’d still like a rating!
I also agree that the patterns should have the weight of the yarn used so that you don’t have to go figure out what the weight of the yarn they used is and then figure out how many yards it was etc. etc.

If gas stations sold DPN’s so that when mine split while on vacation last week I didn’t have to wait until I got home to finish my knitting project!

…there were more independent local yarn shops!

…if each pattern would list total yardage (range corresponding to size range) rather than x number of balls of x yarn…

Knitting burned 1000 calories per hour.

If ALL stitch patterns showed stitch count… 12 + 1 or 8 + 5, etc…

I like to change things around and am not always sure if I’ve got the count right.

manufacturers came up with an acrylic yarn that was as soft as and draped like expensive wool.

I agree, it is a pain to have to google the yarn used in the pattern before I can consider a substitute that won’t put us in the poorhouse. BTW that’s another thing, many designers use yarn that is just toooooo expensive.

I thought I was the only one that got frustrated with the yarn type/weight thing. I thought I just didn’t get it:shrug:

Debi and Lindsey, have you tried the “Vanna’s Choice” from Lionbrand? SOOOO soft!

it would be a big help if…

pattern writers wrote out the whole pattern instead of portions of it.

patterns all used the same abbreviations for the same type of stitches… blah good luck. lol.

It would be a big help if:
There were some YARN STORES around my house!

If yarns were ALL labeled in yards!!!
If people who wrote or published the patterns gave us EASY access to corrections!!!