It was meant to be!

I am a cloth diapering mom who has purchased a few pairs of knitted wool shorts and pants for my babe, often thinking, “I wonder how hard it would be to make these?” but never really seriously looking into it. Then on Friday afternoon, I decided I wanted to learn. I posted to a community I’m a part of, asking the knitters for their input. Then on Friday evening, I went looking in the garage for our Halloween decorations.

In digging through our poorly-labeled boxes, I came across a couple large boxes I had forgotten about and found stuff I inherited several years ago when my grand-grandmother passed. I remember spinning yarn with her when I was a child, so it was very special to me that I found TONS of hand-spun yarn, and even a knitting project she had started on some little circulars, but never finished. I cried as I showed it to my husband

So, that settles it, I was meant to learn to knit because it is a shame to have all this hand-spun yarn not going to use. The fact that I found it all right after deciding to learn to knit really confirmed in my heart that this is something I am supposed to do. Who knows, I may even pick up spinning again. Goodness knows I have tons of fiber here to spin!

So yeah, Friday night, it was 11pm and I wanted to knit, but since I wanted to leave grandma’s unfinished project on the needles, I had no needles to learn with. We do not have anything open at that hour, so in my impatience, I grabbed a couple of bamboo BBQ skewers and some yarn and learned to cast on (using the videos at as my guide). I did this a few times and then I got a splinter. Okay, skewers were not so brilliant afterall. I switched to some chopsticks I had on hand instead :stuck_out_tongue: Then I went and bought real knitting needles on Saturday.

I’m learning to knit! I mean, I have lots to learn still, but I can cast on, knit, purl and cast off. My garter stitch and stockinette stitch look decent too. Here’s what I did for practice:

Wow, that is fabulous and you did a wonderful job so far!

Welcome to Knitting Help!!:yay:

Good for you! What a wonderful story. Welcome to the nicest site on the web!:hug:

Nice job! That’s pretty yarn you’re using. :slight_smile:

I’m still a little teary-eyed from reading your story! (But in a good way!) :slight_smile:

What a wonderful way to become a knitter! And the picture of your work is incredible for your first try! Bravo!:yay:

We’ll all look forward to hearing more from you as you go. God Bless and happy knitting!

Ruthie :waving:

First of all, welcome to our corner of the world. You will quickly become an addict. Just look at the number of posts under our avatars. :rofl:

I think you’re doing a lovely job so far. The stitches in your picture look great! Nice and even!

Enjoy the learning process. We’re here if you need any help.


:yay: that looks AWESOME!!!

Welcome to KH!

Welcome to a great knitting world here at KH. Your first work looks great, and what an inspiring story. Your grandmother would be so proud. :thumbsup:

Welcome and congrats! There are may of us who were inspired by our grandmothers or others relatives. I was inspired by my grandmother and a cousin and aunt who knit. :yay:


What a wonderful story! I learned to knit from my grandmother (Maw, as I called her) so I understand the connection you have with it…

You knitting looks GREAT! I’m impressed that you just learned and you are doing so well!

And Auburnchick is right… you will soon be addicted, but in a goo way!

Welcome and congratulations. I loved your story. Your first try at knitting looks great and I look forward to seeing more.

:waving: Welcome to the KH Family. What a cute story thanks for sharing. By the way, good job on your first attempt at knitting :thumbsup:


Great job knitting! I love the colors in your yarn. Can’t wait to see what you make with her yarn.

My favorite Christmas present several years ago was from my Gram – knitting supplies & one of her “how to” books, so I understand how much it means to you about using her handspun yarn. She tried to teach me to knit, but her teaching method was opposite of my learning method. Her favorite thing to knit this time of year was mittens, so my learning to make mittens has had me thinking about her alot lately.

Welcome to KH and CONGRATS on learning to knit! You stitches look awesome, especially for a beginner!! What a wonderful story - can’t wait to see all the projects you’re going to have fun with. :slight_smile:

What a great story and your knitting looks great . Keep it .:slight_smile:

Wow you’ve done a wonderful job. I can’t believe that is a learners swatch. What a touching story, I hope you learn to love it as much as the rest of us. I had to laugh because you sound so like me when I get a notion in my head I just have to follow through, so the bamboo and chop sticks really made me laugh (mine was pencils). >^,^<

! Be forwarned, knitting is ADDICTING!!!

What a sweet story about your grandmother.

And I am SO glad I didn’t stumble on this post when I had first started knitting- because holy crap your first knitting looks good! Your stitches are so nice & even!

Mine didn’t look quite like that. :mrgreen:

Congrats and welcome!

What a great story! I’d be inspired to knit by that chain of events too. I’m sure your grandmother is somewhere smiling! And what great looking stitches - way to go!

And welcome to KH:mrgreen:

Chopsticks–that’s great! I’m glad you didn’t let a little thing like no needles deter you. And that yarn is lovely. Welcome!