It was bound to happen eventually

I broke my first needle last night. It was so sad. I was knitting my jaywalkers with a set of size 1 Brittany bamboo dpns, and SNAP! My set of 5 is now a set of 4. It’s not really a huge deal, because I normally knit with 4, and trying to knit with 5 was a little weird, but because of the increases and decreases of the jaywalker pattern, I either have to use 5, or rearrange the stitches every few rounds. What a pain! I knew I was a tight knitter, and I haven’t used those DPNs for a while, but man! I guess I’ll just have to use this as an excuse to order more stuff from knit picks. :teehee:

:hug: Sorry. I actually read somewhere, I think it was Elizabeth Zimmerman, maybe Amy quoting Elizabeth Zimmmerman, that you can use another size dpn and it really won’t affect the size of the sock all that much because its only 25% of the knitting distributed over all the stitches.

And using one size up or down from the current size will cause the least amount of noticeable difference.

Poor poor you! Having to order from KnitPix is such hardship!!! :lol: Sorry about the needle though, and I have read EZ’s solution to use one different sized one. I’d go one up or one down, as others suggested. And get my order ready! samm

Isn’t Brittany the company that will replace needles for free?

:shock: I have no idea psammeadred. If they are, I’ll be VERY happy! I’ll do a little research. Thanks for suggesting that! :muah:

They will replace for free, I had one of mine snap also. Just send them an email from the site with your address and they will find the closest store that carries them, and ships one right out. Best of all they don’t need the old one as proof (since mine got thrown in the garbage)…:slight_smile:

Thanks Emerald! I emailed them today.