It seems like

okay, from what i have seen, it looks as if all of your fingerless gloves aer actually just mittens without the top part…Why? I mean, when i made my fingerless gloves, they actually had 5 fingers. i never finished it but i got two of the fingers done…tisn’t that hard, so how come i never saw any one else? sry, not trying to be mean, if it sounded mean, i’m just curious.

The topless mittens I knitted last, were like that in the pattern. Though, I must admit that the reason I keep knitting by these patterns may be due to a little laziness on my part. All those little fingers just seem so tedius, and I’m an instant gratification type of gal. :teehee:

I have, however, found a pattern I want to try next, and it has the finger stubs in it. I hope my patience holds out.:slight_smile:

It really depends on what you want/need. I’ve done it both ways. Some people want the partial finger, some people don’t. Personally, I don’t like it so the ones I make for me never have them. But I’ve made others for others that did. shrug Just a personal preference, more than likely. There are a lot of patterns out there both ways.

I always thought of fingerless gloves as having the little tubes for each of the fingers, but no finger tips, the other ones are arm socks

I think of them as arm-socks unless they have a thumb gusset - then I think of them as fingerless mitts. And if they have the half-fingers, then they’re fingerless gloves.

I am just lazy! I made several that were a rectangle folded in half, mattress stitch two inches down, skip 1-1/2 inch for the thumb hole, mattress to the end of the cuff. It is a great way to swatch a new stitch or practice one you are going to use in a project just add some ribbing at the top and bottom … and everyone I have given them to loves them!!!

I love fingerless mitts-but I think they’re more like wrist-warmers since the ones I’ve made for the most part didn’t even have thumbs, just a slit for your thumb!

I like them partly because I want them done quick (I tend to procrastinate gifts, hence the rush :teehee:), and partly because I am just plain chicken. All those little half fingers look really hard!:stuck_out_tongue:

The ones I’ve made for me have mostly had no fingers, just because I’ve used quite chunky yarn and to make fingers out of it would splay my hands, and that would hurt. When I make some using finer yarns, I make fingers to go with them. Hand warmers and fingerless gloves are my version of socks - I make them all the time and love all the different designs - but I use them to show off yarns, more often than not.

I like them with out fingers casue mostly I’m too lazy to knit all those little half-fingers. I’d make gloves if I wanted to deal with all those little finger-things!! I do, however, like to get the thumb started - I don’t care for the ones that just have a slip for your thumb to stick out of.

They are faster to make for one thing and another is that you don’t have to worry about fit quite so much. I made fingerless mitts for my daughters for Christmas.

A they’re faster, use less yarn and I can fold my fingers back into the palm part if they get terrbily cold and B I don’t like the fabric between my fingers. I don’t wear rings for same reason. I’m unique that way :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I like them without the finger parts, I’m okay with the thumb though. I don’t really like gloves because the space seperating the fingers for me seem to spread just a bit too much. Actually I actually wanted to make myself a pair of fingerless and went searching for some patterns and avoided the patterns that had any of the finger parts still on it. So yeah, I definately think it’s just a person’s preference. So maybe the person would puts the patterns up like the fingerless-mitts better then the fingerless-gloves?

Okay, thanks for clearing that up…I just didn’t get the point of “fingerless mitts”. I mean, to me it would see that the part at the top would start riding down or whatever and have to fixed constantly. hmm…I’m going to make another pair i think, with the little finger stubs, because, unlike you lazy people and what-have-you, i like the fabric between my fingers…

Okay, but us lazy people are going to continue making them the way we want…

dude, i seriously wasn’t trying to be mean… I was really just curious, mostly cuz you all say fingerless gloves…when i think of gloves i think fingers…sorry if i offended anyone or something…now i’m sad and worried that i did upset one of you or something…I’ll keep my mouth shut from now on.

:noway: OMG topless mittens…HUN git the kids outta the room…thars mitten porn on the puter…:roflhard: :chair: !!!

Sorry, couldn’t resist…:roflhard: :hug:

You didn’t offend me. I know that true fingerless gloves have finger tubes, I just call them all gloves. I guess for the same reason I call all soft drinks Coke.:teehee: It’s just a habit.

I have been wondering the same thing. For every glove pattern there is like 7 fingerless glove patterns. And I just do not understand the point of gloves without fingers… I mean… you wear gloves to keep your fingers warm right? My wrists/arms usually have a coat/sweater for the warmth…

But now seeing it owned up to laziness makes me giggle… and while I am very lazy, fingerless gloves are not for me.

I have to agree with you Krystal. I’m an outdoor person and I need to keep my hands warm and fingerless mittens or gloves wouldn’t cut it. Though I am intrigued by the pop top mittens for the rare occasions I need to bare my fingertips momentarily.

:teehee: For fingerless mitts I just use them inside like when I’m typing or knitting… they don’t do me much good outside… however I’m making a pair of gloves right now and I’m leaving the top tip off… cause I hate having to remove my gloves or mittens to do anything outside… like fasten coats or fumble for keys… this way the tips of my fingers are out… I just made a pair of mittens and included an opening on the palm that wasn’t called for… again so I could poke my fingers through instead of removing my mittens…I made my dad a pair of fingerless last year…he always buys gloves and cuts out the fingers so he can do his blacksmithing or wood working… this way he didn’t have to remove the fingers and they were nice and made out of wool to keep the rest of his hands warm… I don’t think it’s being lazy…I think it’s just how you like to use them :thumbsup: