It seemed like a good idea at the time, but

I bought KnitPicks Stroll Sock blanks for a baby sweater because it was the right color and weight, thinking it came as a skein or hank. I didn’t realize that it was double stranded for 2 at a time sock knitting. That’s what I get for thinking…:doh:

The sock blank dye tutorial says that I can knit straight off of the blank, but I’ll only be working with one strand at a time. Does that sound practical? And can I wind this stuff into balls, or would it be better to return or trade the blanks for something in a skein or hank?

What say you?

You can unravel it and wind it into 2 separate balls. Or knit one strand and wind the other as you go.

Many thanks Sue! I’m going to unravel and wind into 2 balls so I can get to gauge swatching… :muah: