It pays to yardsale

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Over the last few years, my dh and I have been to many yard sales. Last year, I started collecting (quite by accident) knitting needles.
Yesterday I went to my lys and showed the lady there a pair of needles that I had picked up.
She said they were marvelous… being in ‘like-new’ condition.
They are size 15, wood, nicely carved with great big ends on them so the yarn won’t fall off.
I got them for about 50 cents. She said it was a real bargain.
All I need now is some yarn and a pattern and I’m all set… LOL!
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I love a great bargain! Way to go!! :woohoo:

That’s fantastic! Good for you!

They sound really nice! I often find needles and related things at flea markets and antique markets. That’s where I got a bunch of 19th century “knitting pins”.
It’s fun!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]At ValuVillage today I managed to pick up a love big wicker basket - nothing wrong with it - for 5.99. I was looking for just such a thing as my yarn is all over the house making a mess.
When I came home, I dumped out all the plastic bags and other wicker pieces full of yarn and shoved everything into the one large basket and sat it beside my recliner in the frontroom.
It looks nice and I now can see that I have lots of yarn! Lots of cotton yarn as well.
It’s filled to the top… really have to start knitting faster… LOL!
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My mom taught me to how to be a master yard saler. Alaska is limited on garage/yard sale days so I have to wait about three more monthsbefore I get to go but believe you me I’ll be there. I scored almost whole skeins of lion cotton for like 50 cents lol. I have been looking for needles but haven’t found anything but cheapies just yet so lucky you!

Last summer I purchased a huge plastic tub of yarn for $10, most of it was acrylic and old, but it was perfect for me because I was just learning to knit.

As far as wicker baskets go I have 3 all of which I paid under $5 each for!!

I cant wait for spring/summer!

Thrift stores also have yarns, needles, books, etc…

We have an online garage sale site for my area and surrounding areas. I found a lady who was selling her grandmother’s knitting stuff for $10. I got well over 100 needles, darn near every size, and several sets of each. There were straight needles, dpns, cable needles, crochet hooks and some other things I still haven’t figured out yet:wink: . She also included 6 or 7 vintage knitting and sewing books. I found these items when I decided to start knitting, so I didn’t have to buy anything except yarn. As I have now become more comfortable with circulars and prefer them over straight, I am considering passing these on to someone else who will appreciate them.:thumbsup:

So nice to know that there are other yardsale ‘nuts’ like me out there… LOL!
In the spring, summer and fall, my dh and I go yardsale-ing every Saturday and Sunday… Amazing what a person can find!
When I was quilting, I used to find all sorts of quilting things - fabric, thread, books - you name it.
Now that I’m knitting… my outlook for things has changed. Now I’m looking for yarn and needles…
I’ve got lots of needles, including some circulars I haven’t tried yet. Can’t wait for yardsale season to start again…
Thanks everyone for your wonderful replies.
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I don’t have the patience to yard sale myself – bargains seem so few and far between in my experience – but I love to hear stories about great finds that other people get! :slight_smile: