It must be love

I just thought I’d share a couple pictures of what I woke up to this morning.

These are 2 of my 3 dogs, Maggie (on left) and Rhett. Rhett refuses to sleep anywhere but on my bed, and Maggie usually hops in with me sometime early in the morning before I wake up. In fact, I usually wake up because I’m so uncomfortable because they’re all stretched out and happy. But, that’s fine. :teehee:

This pose just cracked me up, so I had to get a picture. It just amazes me sometimes how well they get along and seem to care for each other. I really do think they’re in love.:heart:

Aww, how cute! :heart: :heart: And how dare you complain about being uncomfortable on THEIR bed!:teehee:

:rofl: :rofl:

Seriously. When I make them move they let me know that they are not happy.

Oh, it’s so true! Our dogs don’t get on the bed (thank goodness, our Mastiff would take up the whole thing!), but, our cats sure do! I’ll wake up in the morning with 4 of our 6 cats all sprawled about the bed and the looks they give me when I have to get up…like they want to kill me because I had the nerve to interrupt them while they were sleeping so comfortably on the queen size bed they allow hubby and I to sleep on…lol

Aw! They look so sweet! My dog sleeps with me but she’s teeny.

Those are the cutest pictures. You can tell they are buds.

That is so darling. They indeed do love one another. My dog sleeps with me, she is a miniature poodle, so not large, but somehow or other manages to sleep cross-wise and in the middle of my queen-sized bed. One of these nights I am liable to roll over onto the floor. Oh well, Dogs Rule. At least in our household.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Just love, love, love your puppies!
Golden Labs?
I had a black lab - now deceased…
She loved to get up on the bed but only did so on invitation and then she would jump on quick and hide her head in the sheets like she was saying… I"m not really here! LOL!
Loved her dearly - miss her so much.
I think all dogs are made to love and be loved - but especially labs.

Thanks. They’re both just mutts. Rhett is part yellow lab and part german shepherd. He has the face and coloring of the lab and the ears and size of the shepherd. And I think he has more of the lab temperament, as well. Maggie is park husky and part something we can’t identify. :teehee: I just love them dearly.

Mutts just have the sweetest personalities!

Jessica, they’re adorable! :slight_smile:

Your dogs are gorgeous. I so hope that when we get another dog (just lost our old man) that our puppy and the new dog will be cuddlers like that. The puppy tried to curl up with the old man, but he wouldn’t have it b/c she is prone to bouncing up as if poked by a hot poker and she always scared him when she did it and he couldn’t move fast enough to keep up with her. He preferred to keep an eye on her from across the room - unless she was crated in which case he never left her.