It looked easy...but oh what happened

Hello! New here, have been lurking for a while but I’m feeling really dense and need help. I bought the Fiber Trends felted clog pattern, needed to destress and thought I’d pick up a new project…But I’ve never knit with double strands, and I don’t know how to even start the sole. After I cast on the 51 do I work each strand and knit a pocket like thing or am I way off in my count? Keep in mind, I’ll be back when I get to the top unless my brain starts to work again…haven’t had this problem in a long time with reading directions…I feel like I just started knitting again!

Just hold the two strands together and knit them like they’re a single strand. I wound some double-stranded center-pull balls, or you could work from the center and the outside of a ball at the same time.