It is COLD here!

I’m in western MD and it was a balmy 5 degrees this morning, with a windchill of -12. It makes me very thankful for the faux fur that lines my coat, the heated seats in my car, and the fact that I have a warm bed to sleep in every night with dogs who snuggle up to keep me warm. :teehee:

It’s very cold up here too. There’s been a windchill warning issued, but that doesn’t stop them from sending kids to school and everything functioning somewhat normally. With the windchill it’s -30 (celsius) or -22 (fahrenheit). Here’s a picture of my window. It’s been like that for days.

It was -24 F this morning when I went out. School has been cancelled for 2 days now because of the wind chill being so cold. Someone called into the radio station this morning from Merrill WI saying that where they lived on the Wisconsin River it was reading -36 F. Next week it’s supposed to be up near 30 F. It’ll be a heat wave after all of this!:woohoo:

Is anyone else reminded of the 2004 move …

[YOUTUBE=“RzThUApm5SY”]The Day After Tomorrow (Trailer)[/YOUTUBE]


My sympathies Momwolf. I thought about posting here in Dec. It started snowing here 12/17 and it didn’t quit for more than about 18 hours for over 2 weeks. Our area posted record snowfalls. We had over 80" of snow in that time period. We had only as low as -14F and some wind and blowing snow. Personally we had our well pump die and it took 3 days to get a new pump and someone to pull the old one and put the new one in 2 days before Christmas. We lost power, but thankfully for only about 12 hours.
My favorite thing was that my husbands out of town travel was cancelled so he was here to help deal with it. We shoveled snow and plowed from before dawn to dusk. You ought to see my biceps. I shoveled, he plowed, we even had to shovel some of our roofs. I hardly had any knitting time.
In 2 weeks we got about twice our normal snowfall for the whole winter. At least now I have time to snowshoe and x-country ski. It’s going to take a while for this to all melt off.
Best wishes to all of you now suffering through your own unseasonable weather.


Ooooo, right now we’re up to 12 degrees! Heat wave!! :slight_smile:
Stay warm everybody!!!

WOW, now I feel bad about complaining about -26 this morning!!