It is COLD here!

I am this was taken at 6:22 am outside my kitchen window:noway:

I’m over in WI right now so I know what you mean. Brrrrrr

Ugh here to in VA it is only 10 outside when I got up at 7:00 am. Oh thank goodness I don’t have to go anywhere today. At least not until this afternoon. So keep warm to everyone today.


Mason makes you appreciate Florida doesn’t it :roflhard:

-10 here, too.

BUT, I did notice that it’s staying lighter later! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!:cheering:

With the windchill it’s 44 below zero:shock: and expected to go to 50 below:noway: current temp of 61 deg. F in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the time of this posting.

Minus 9 [COLOR=“Red”]C or 16 F[/COLOR] right now in Raleigh, NC (RDU airport.) Yikes! [[COLOR=“red”]That was in C, temp in F was 16 F[/COLOR]]


Time to :grphug: for warmth…

[COLOR=“red”]P.S. edited to fix error in which temperature scale was used. I must have hit that little letter on my weather widget and changed to C at the same time I changed locations.[/COLOR]

I feel much better about the 3 degree temperatures here this morning.


The power went off here at the hotel late last night. I woke during that time a bit chilly and just buried under the covers. It finally came back on a couple of hours before time to get up so the room was nice and warm again.

Lucky you! A normal winter:cheering:! We’re having 30F-50F here with freezing wind, but no rain and no snow! I hate it… Oh, and no central heating.

Only -13 here…no frozen plumbing…yet:hug:

I made an error in my previous post. seems when I changed loctions I also changed to Celsius (the -9) on Fahrenheit scale would be 16 F.

Sorry about that. cftwo tipped me off when PA had 3 F I knew NC couldn’t have -9 on the same scale… :doh:

To err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer… or at least pulling your needle out of your knitting.


We have a balmy 47 here in Central Florida. :woohoo: Hope all of you in the north warm up soon.

It was 20 degrees here in North Texas this morning. It’s chilly, but after living in Michigan for 5 years, I’ll take it. :teehee:

London has been terribly cold, Cambridgeshire was even worse. Today though, it’s warmer…although now the weather is rather foul, with a sharp drizzle (if you know what I mean). What I really need is one of those London sunny winter days…

I actually started knitting on New Year’s Eve, because of the cold snap here. I wanted a really long, really warm merino wool scarf, so I learned to knit while I did it. Haven’t really stopped since!

We have our doors and windows covered 'cause it’s so cold here (-11 with windchill feels like -24 which for us is very cold)…when I took the blanket down from the main door today we had to scrap it off…I’ve never had to do that, Roo was amazed “mommy, there is ice in the house” :rofl:

Now would be a good time to have one of those Snuggie blankets they advertise on TV

Masonyou must of been really coldHope everyone stays warm and no frozen pipes and the heat stays on.The only good part about it being cold is I can knit all day long and actually use my knitted stuff:roflhard:

It was -25 last night here. They called off school so I’m going bonkers with my kids home!!! :evil:

My husband is a plumber and is quite busy with all the broken pipes around here. I feel so bad for everyone involved! Water damage, no heat sometimes cold for him. It’s definitely a soup day. Maybe we need a thread for our favorite cold weather recipes!!!

Watch those pipes everyone!!!

We are at -6 here and back in December or so, we turned on the hot tub just to make sure those pipes don’t go and explode on us…

The temp in DC where one of my DD lives is 14°F -windchill of 2°F. It’s been in the 80’s here during the day. I’m not complaining, but we desperately need the rain. Another year of drought has been predicted. The weather has gone nuts I tell you! :zombie:

Stay warm everyone!!!