It finally clicked!

OMG, yay for me! :cheering: :cheering:
So, after knitting for about three months now, I’ve finally figured out how to hold my yarn!! :smiley:
I’m a leftie knitting continental, and for the life of me I just could not figure out how to hold the yarn in my left hand. I just kept throwing the yarn over the needle each time. Well, today, out of nowhere, it suddenly just clicked. Wow, knitting goes by a lot faster once you figure out the whole yarn thing. I’m a knittin’ fool now! :XX:

BTW, I’m on my first project on circs, but I’m getting annoyed with how I have to keep stopping to shove the stitches over. Is there a way to avoid this next time? I’m using Denises (which I :heart: lots.)

~Sharon :happydance:

ya know sharon, i think i basically do the same thing (lefty throwing continental)…i know i wasn’t taught like that but somewhere along the line i started doing it, and i swear i look at the videos and none of them look right to me…they all feel very foreign. And you should seeeee the way i purl…lol

i figure it doesn’t matter tooo much…the results are the same either way! :wink: but mebbe at some point i will figure out how to do it correctly too…lol

Good for you!!! I’m a continental knitter who throws: it’s the only way that’s comfortable for me, when though it’s not very fast and looks wierd. KK even told me I knit wierd when we met on Saturday (i amlost cried at first, but I sucked it up). It IS wierd! But the picking thing hasn’t sunk in for me yet, so rather then have a bunch of wierd loosey funky wonky stitches, I just do it my way. Glad you got it though… it’s been a year and a half for me, and I’m no closer than I was on day 1!! :wall: ooh well!

:mad: Oh, WALK IT OFF, Hildie! :heart:

I get as close to picking as an english knitter can, so, you never know

:notworthy: Someday I hope to be there. But for now, I’m just working on getting down the basics.

I thought I was the only one: I’m a continental knitter who throws, too! I think it started when I was working on big needles with chunky yarn…wanted to make sure the yarn “made it” around. And, it became a habit. Though, I must admit that in those rare moments when it clicks and I really do knit continental, I can’t believe how fast I fly!

Isn’t it funny how fast we can develop “bad” habits? And, how much they stick!

Congrats on getting “the click”!!!